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Monday, November 9, 2015

Flying by the Seat of My Pants in October

Once school started up, later than normal it seems everything is going by as if my only gear is high!  I haven't had much time to think about anything, but school.  I don't like it when work life takes over everything else.  I'm finally feeling like I can think straight again.
I have been working super hard at having all my work done on Fridays so that we can enjoy the weekends though.  So we (Kyle and I) have gone on a few walks at Beyer's Woods.  There is something magical about autumn time in Ohio.

 Kyle bought himself a new toy.  He got a projector and we hosted an outdoor movie for one of our home teaching families and our niece and nephews.  We tried to get in another one, but got rained out. :(
 We went hawthorn berry picking to make some more jelly to send to our "moose" who was serving a mission.

 We snuck in a Sunday drive to Mt. Jeez overlook down by Malabar Farm.  It was gorgeous.  Dakota was missing the autumn leaves in Utah and wanted some picks from home.
 Do these girls not remind you of Little House on the Prairie? 

 I think this is my favorite fall picture of all time.  We were driving some back roads around Hayesville area and say these deer.  Kyle stopped in the middle of the road for me to take several shots of those deer.  They stood a long time for me to be able to get some good ones.

 Then we got a phone call from the mission office in Utah.  Kota needed to come home for 6 months.  Sigh...but we learned a lot from last time he came home early.  This time after receiving the phone call we went immediately to prayer.  We prayed hard, that we would be loving and receptive, that we would be able to recognize quickly when the adversary was trying to give us doubt or confusion, that we would quickly be able to dismiss his lies.  We prayed for understanding of our role as parent of an adult child that is more grown up than a child now.  We prayed that Heavenly Father's will would be done.
 I have to say, I am at peace with this trial.  Maybe I'm growing up a little bit more too.  I wanted more than anything for him (Dakota) to know that we love him.  It is amazing when you see scriptures stories come to life in your home.  I understand the father of the prodigal son a bit better.  I know that repentant missionaries make the best ones (Alma, sons of Mosiah, etc.).  I don't always understand Heavenly Father's will, but I have learned that when we work on our weakness, we sure do get stronger.

 My boys, home again, trying to eat the full harvest moon.  Life is good!
 We ended the month with a ward social.  Pumpkin carving and costume judging.  Isn't that just the cutest puppy you've seen.