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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Surgery: talk about emotional week

Little Kayla was so nervous about the IV before the surgery than the surgery itself.  

She waited for a long time to get to see the doctor, they had to change the schedule around a bit so she had to wait.  We watched a bit of TV and talked to yaya over at whispering pines.

Then she went back to be taken care of.  We went to the cafeteria to eat and pick up flowers.

What a trooper.  She did a great job And has been a model patient here at home.  I think she will have a speedy recovery and will be able to dance just fine at prom.
Phew, one more major event done in the Crawford home this week.  I think I will be able to rest well in March.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Elder Crawford

This was the final goodbye.  It felt like a final goodbye too.  Goodbye to childhood, goodbye to our tiny little family of four, goodbye to Ohio.
Kyle gave Kota a father's blessing before he left.  It was a tender and heartfelt moment, that really got us all crying.

Goodbye to the new puppy.  I think that was most difficult for the kid.
After the heavy leaving of home, we headed toward Canton.  We stopped by Outback Steakhouse for what Kota called our "Last Supper."    Kyle did not want to sit at the restaurant for an hour after our meal, so we ventured to the airport 90 minutes early, to the 90 minutes early they suggested from his flight time.  We checked his bags together because he did not want to do it by himself.
Then him and Kayla made weird faces at each other for awhile.  We cracked jokes and talked about lots of different things.
We took him to the security gates where he thought funny poses would be in order.
Then we stood at the line we were not allowed to cross and watched him go to his gate.  Goodbye Kota, we love you.

Gone...for two years serving the Lord.  Man, we will miss you.  It was a tearful walk to the car, but I know that you are going to work hard and be happy.  What else could I ask for?

Monday, February 24, 2014

Week of Farewell

 Kota started out last week saying good by to Great Grandmas.  Monday at the beginning of the big snow storm they ventured over to Grandma Crawford's to say goodbye.  Grandma surprised Kota by saying she always felt close to him.  This grandma did not always express her feelings.  It was nice for him to hear.

Tuesday night he spent time with Great Grandma Beninghof.  Sporting his fresh haircut and getting ready to see the Stake President for his setting a part in the afore mentioned post.  Grandma is always full of fun stories.  It is always comfortable hanging out a Grandma's house and Kota enjoys being there.
Thursday we ventured up to the Tompot home (minus said camera) and said goodbye to the family that gave Kota a job last spring.  We love them and they really wanted to say goodbye to him before he left.
Friday, we were supposed to have dinner with my Dad and Step-mom.  Instead of all of us going Kota and Kyle went.  I got so sick at school on Friday, I was miserable.  Plus, dad gets sick easy so I stayed away.
Saturday was the farewell party.  We decided to have an ice cream party and invite the family and the ward family as well.  There were close to 100 people there.  It  was amazing to see all the people come and wish him off.

(there is Dad and Cathy, Aunt Amy and cousins)

 (cousin Malea)
 (Yaya and Jack)
 Sunday, Kota gave a farewell talk about what Christ-like attributes he thought was important for a missionary to have.  He picked love and charity.  He gave a beautiful talk.  Kyle and I bore our testimonies of raising a missionary.  It was a very spiritual Sunday for us.
Then we had a final goodbye dinner with Mom and Tom and Aunt Cyndi drove up from Marietta to enjoy in the Church service and day.
Although we did not get to share a final meal with her, Grandma Robin was a big part of our farewells.  A lot of phone calls to Minnesota this week.
Tomorrow is the final farewell...
our family goes back to three, as the Lord is going to take over taking care of our son.

 Kyle promised Kota that he would shave his face for the farewell and that was a HUGE farewell.  I think he has had facial hair for 15+ years.  Every time I look at him it is a surprise.  He also told Kota he would shave again until he gets back...hmm Duck Dynasty beard?  Not sure if it will make it.

Overall feeling is positive, a year ago things were not looking in this direction.  A little love from a YM President and nudge from a Stake President and this whole mission idea came to fruition.  I could not be more proud of the choice our son is making.  We love you Elder Crawford and will be looking forward to hear about each moment of growth, weakness and success that you have the next two years.

 Watch the new blog The Best Two Years on my sidebar for letters he writes home to be posted.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Count Down to the Mission and other stuff

Tonight we ventured to Canton to meet with the Stake President from our church.  He has the job of setting a part missionaries in our stake.

 What a neat experience to sit with your son awaiting his first real calling in the church. 
He is now a missionary and will be addressed as Elder Crawford.  He has been looking forward to this day since he was in Primary.  We have too.  I am so proud of my Kota.  I sure do love the kid.
Other stuff ...
I was at college Monday night in Tiffin when the big snow storm hit Ohio.  Tiffin is normally about 1 hour from my house.
This is what my windshield looked like when I got home.  I was white knuckling it the whole way home doing between 35 - 40 mph.  The closer to 40 the less control I had.  The people behind me did not always like traveling 35 mph, but we got home in 2 hours.  Phew, thank goodness for prayer and hymns that helped me be calm the whole way home.

 Before that class Monday, Kyle and I took the pups for a vet check up and shots.  They did amazing.  They were the stars of the office and did not even whine, bark, or bite when given shots.  The only bummer was they had worms.  So we are de-worming the little ladies now.
Snow, Snow and more snow early this week,
only to start the melting process today.  Weird winter this year.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Cheap Date

Valentine's Day is meant to bring some cheer in the middle of a dreary winter.  We usually make a pact to not get each other anything, but we usually go on a date.
This year after a long week at work, we opted to stay close to home.
We started by taking the pups on a long winter hike.
 Then we went to Jeromesville to the Pizza House to pick up one of our favorite pizzas.
 We snuggled on the love seat and watched a video.  It was a great night in.  I think I enjoyed myself so much more than going out in the crowded restaurants.
 Even Tina, snuggled in.
Today, is our Ward's annual Cheap Good Night Out.  Fancy name for Chili cook off.

I decided to make some mac and cheese to go with us.  Dakota shredded all the cheese for me while I was making dessert for the social and to have the youth over to our house Sunday evening.
We enjoyed our dinner and the company.  It was a lot of fun talking.  After dinner the members of the ward do silly skits.  This year the Young Women did a movie theater skit that was really cute.  At the end the audience chooses the winner by the loudest applause.  It came down to the YW and...
And the winner was...

The missionaries!  The boys did a hillbilly skit and the one in the red hat played a banjo.  It was way cute. 

Saturday, February 8, 2014

I'll Go Inside Someday; He Went Inside Today

In Primary, the children sing a song, "I love to see the temple, I'll go inside someday."
Today, Kota went inside the temple.  Not the first time, but the first time to receive endowments. 
 For information on temples click here.
For me, today brought unexpected joy.  Not that I didn't think I would be happy, but just for some realizations.  1. My children are beginning to choose for themselves to take the next step.
2.  The atonement can change lives, even bring someone back from the bottom of the barrel.
3.  Families really are forever!
4.  Heavenly Father knows us better than we know ourselves.
5.  Dakota is starting to show adult qualities and is going to be fine.
Today, Dakota was surrounded by family and his ward family in the temple.  He was enveloped by a support system of people that helped us raise him.  Scout leaders from the past, primary and seminary teachers, a YM president that loved him through a tough consequence from a bad choice, the current bishopric, an aunt, the spirit of out-of-state family that couldn't be there, and finally the thoughts of great-grandparent's who were represented.  I think he had a small army around him. 
Small miracles come to those who serve the Lord.  As we have been scurrying getting all the things together for Kota's mission and checking off the things that are necessary to have finished.  We are being blessed as a family.  Each time we have left to go shopping for mission supplies or clothes we have found great bargains.  Entire suits regular priced $400 for $100, white shirts for $10.  The ladies at the register are so impressed that a 19 year-old can choose to go on a mission they give an extra discount.  T-shirts for $2 for preparation days and exercise.
I can not express the joy I feel or the emotions that are coursing through the veins today.  I love every part of my faith.  I know this is the place for me.  I know families are forever and the temple is the place to make it happen!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Snow Day take 7

 It has been a snowy winter here in Ohio.  It has been a long time since I've seen this much snow.  So much snow and subzero temperatures that we have had a lot of snow days from school.  This year I am not upset by all the delays as Kota is counting down days to his mission.  Each snow day is a gift of time with him because the guy he works for stays home with his boys on snow days.
The puppies were snuggled in after taking a long walk in the deep crusty snow.  Worn out.  
Kyle said. We are having a salt shortage in Ohio so roads were a little worse than normal today.

Big piles of snow are around the house.  Tina was just taking on of his long winter's naps.
Me, even though I did not go to school I got caught up on my mountains of paperwork.  In the business world anyone with this amount of paperwork would have a secretary.
Kota is getting in some of his favorite episodes before abstaining from TV for 2 years.

We have been enjoying family time so much.  I am grateful for the extra hours with the young man.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Yellow Tail eww

The highlight for me trying a sushi restaurant with our friends the Bryant's was this fish tank.  It was neat to see the puffer fish.

Although sushi is never something I like, my family loves it.  So we followed the Bryant's up to Fairlawn to The Yellowtail Japanese Sushi Bar.  Kota was brave enough to eat truly raw sushi, but Kyle and Kayla usually go for machi rolls.

Kyle's plate.

 Kota's plate.
Kayla enjoying her food.

I ventured out of my comfort zone and tried two different kinds of machi rolls.  It was okay so I tried a third and it grossed me out.  I don't like this enough to eat it anymore.  But the ice cream at the end made it okay!

As far as my January more like him goal I am learning how to be in my scriptures more.  With Kota's pre-mission assignments he is reading a lot of scriptures and he asks if we want to study with him.  I am thoroughly enjoying every minute of this time.  We have been frequenting the men's department at JC Penny's to get his mission clothes.  My favorite deal so far is a white dress shirt for $4.