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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Count Down to the Mission and other stuff

Tonight we ventured to Canton to meet with the Stake President from our church.  He has the job of setting a part missionaries in our stake.

 What a neat experience to sit with your son awaiting his first real calling in the church. 
He is now a missionary and will be addressed as Elder Crawford.  He has been looking forward to this day since he was in Primary.  We have too.  I am so proud of my Kota.  I sure do love the kid.
Other stuff ...
I was at college Monday night in Tiffin when the big snow storm hit Ohio.  Tiffin is normally about 1 hour from my house.
This is what my windshield looked like when I got home.  I was white knuckling it the whole way home doing between 35 - 40 mph.  The closer to 40 the less control I had.  The people behind me did not always like traveling 35 mph, but we got home in 2 hours.  Phew, thank goodness for prayer and hymns that helped me be calm the whole way home.

 Before that class Monday, Kyle and I took the pups for a vet check up and shots.  They did amazing.  They were the stars of the office and did not even whine, bark, or bite when given shots.  The only bummer was they had worms.  So we are de-worming the little ladies now.
Snow, Snow and more snow early this week,
only to start the melting process today.  Weird winter this year.


  1. Woo hoo! Congratulations, Elder Crawford! And good luck to the rest of the clan on keeping things mission worthy for the next week. :)

  2. Congrats to Elder Crawford! Thank goodness you made it home safe. It was a blizzard as far as I'm concerned! Now the flood starts...I'm so over this season. Those pups are looking more grown up than puppy!

  3. How proud a momma you must be! Your handsome son going on a mission, I'm sure you'll miss him like crazy!
    The dogs are a beautiful pair! No wonder they were the stars of the vet office!