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Monday, February 24, 2014

Week of Farewell

 Kota started out last week saying good by to Great Grandmas.  Monday at the beginning of the big snow storm they ventured over to Grandma Crawford's to say goodbye.  Grandma surprised Kota by saying she always felt close to him.  This grandma did not always express her feelings.  It was nice for him to hear.

Tuesday night he spent time with Great Grandma Beninghof.  Sporting his fresh haircut and getting ready to see the Stake President for his setting a part in the afore mentioned post.  Grandma is always full of fun stories.  It is always comfortable hanging out a Grandma's house and Kota enjoys being there.
Thursday we ventured up to the Tompot home (minus said camera) and said goodbye to the family that gave Kota a job last spring.  We love them and they really wanted to say goodbye to him before he left.
Friday, we were supposed to have dinner with my Dad and Step-mom.  Instead of all of us going Kota and Kyle went.  I got so sick at school on Friday, I was miserable.  Plus, dad gets sick easy so I stayed away.
Saturday was the farewell party.  We decided to have an ice cream party and invite the family and the ward family as well.  There were close to 100 people there.  It  was amazing to see all the people come and wish him off.

(there is Dad and Cathy, Aunt Amy and cousins)

 (cousin Malea)
 (Yaya and Jack)
 Sunday, Kota gave a farewell talk about what Christ-like attributes he thought was important for a missionary to have.  He picked love and charity.  He gave a beautiful talk.  Kyle and I bore our testimonies of raising a missionary.  It was a very spiritual Sunday for us.
Then we had a final goodbye dinner with Mom and Tom and Aunt Cyndi drove up from Marietta to enjoy in the Church service and day.
Although we did not get to share a final meal with her, Grandma Robin was a big part of our farewells.  A lot of phone calls to Minnesota this week.
Tomorrow is the final farewell...
our family goes back to three, as the Lord is going to take over taking care of our son.

 Kyle promised Kota that he would shave his face for the farewell and that was a HUGE farewell.  I think he has had facial hair for 15+ years.  Every time I look at him it is a surprise.  He also told Kota he would shave again until he gets back...hmm Duck Dynasty beard?  Not sure if it will make it.

Overall feeling is positive, a year ago things were not looking in this direction.  A little love from a YM President and nudge from a Stake President and this whole mission idea came to fruition.  I could not be more proud of the choice our son is making.  We love you Elder Crawford and will be looking forward to hear about each moment of growth, weakness and success that you have the next two years.

 Watch the new blog The Best Two Years on my sidebar for letters he writes home to be posted.


  1. Every time Craig said goodbye to somebody, I cried! Sunday was very special. Now the fun begins! (At least for him!)

  2. I didn't even notice Kyle's missing facial hair until someone pointed it out to me. I'm looking forward to reading his letters home. Your family is in our prayers.