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Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial Day: Hayesville Style

 Every Memorial Day, Hayesville has a parade.  Living on State Route 60 we always have front row views.
 This year Dixie joined us for the parade.  She really enjoyed watching everyone going by.
It always starts off, by the boys in blue flashing their lights and leading the way to the cemetery.

 Our local veterans are right behind the boys in blue.
 This year there was an active duty soldier marching too.  It is good to see the young men of our nation still wanting to protect our freedoms.

 The parade isn't complete with out the Hillsdale Marching Band.  They march both ways, going to the cemetery and coming back from the cemetery.  I love hearing the drums.

 This year our niece's softball team rode in the back of a military truck.  She threw some candy to her sister.

 This old dusty car had a sign on it that said my first car, 51 years in the barn.
I love the old red "Cruella Deville" style car.  Our neighbor behind us in the alley owns a bunch of old cars, we see this one driving around town on occasion.
 Our village counsel made an appearance.  As well as a Cub Scout Pack.

 Even a few alpacas made the parade.  This is the only time Dixie barked.  We were impressed.
 Our fire department as well as, Mifflin and Jeromesville, came out to throw some candy.
 I love that they have In God We Trust painted on the vehicle representing small town America and the trust we place in God, in living our lives, raising our children, and having a sense of community.

I'm proud to live in this little village.  It has been a great place to raise my children.  Like everywhere it wasn't perfect, but we have a wonderful home with lots of fond memories.  I am so thankful for the Veterans that have made this possible in my life.

Grandpa Richard Souleret fought in WWII for the Marines
Grandpa John Benninghof fought in WWII for the Army
Grandpa Paul Sindeldecker fought in WWII for the Army
There are more, we have Civil War, War of 1812 and Revolutionary War veterans in our family.  I'm sure Vietnam and Korean War veterans too.  To all of you related or not, Happy Memorial Day and Thank You for your service!!!!

Sunday, May 28, 2017

May Flowers and Maybe a Gnome or Two

Kayla and I decided that we would try our hand at making fairy gardens.  Although we fell in love with the little gnomes instead.  So we have two gnome gardens instead.

This one is mine, I really liked the fox family to go with my cottage.
 Kayla made this one, she went with a log cabin and raccoon.  I think they are both cute.
So I added a lot of whimsy to the backyard garden. 

 So, I did get a little fairy to add to my backyard planters.

Kyle and I started working on the front yard to get ready for the Memorial Day Parade on Monday.  So Friday after work we finally, got the yard work started.  We weeded the front flower gardens and mulched the bed.  It looks so nice.
 The Madison Preschool Teachers got me this planter, that I added to my front stoop.  Impecable timing.  I was asked to look at a different position for next year.  One that would bring more money, and headache, but they were impressed with my work and wanted to move me ahead.  I decided just the day before receiving this that I needed to do at least one more year at this job.  I worked so hard to build relationships and understand the job.  I want another year of working in this environment that was created with a lot of hard work and dedication of many.
 We even got the side yard looking better, although not completely finished.  The woman who sold us the house was a master gardener with a giant green thumb.  She had so many flower beds around the house.  We are not master gardeners, nor do we want to be tied down to so many plants.
Over time we scaled back.  This year we are taking out three more flower beds and going to grass.  Sounds crazy to some I suppose,  but I am excited to get our yard looking nice and manageable for us.
Kyle is hobbling around like an old man after this apparently back breaking work.  I feel bad for him.  Hopefully it heals soon without needing to much rest.  So many projects to tackle right now.

Monday, May 1, 2017

New Nephews

 Karter Kincaid Crawford was born early on March 31st.  Mom and Dad Kasey and Jayna.
 April 21st I got a call from an emotional husband on a very busy day at work asking me to take a minute to pray for my sister-in-law Nicole.  She was hemorrhaging and fighting for her life.  She had an emergency C-section and was life-flighted to the next town over.  Kaleb my brother-in-law went from thinking he'd loose his son, to thinking he was going to lose his wife.  He spent the weekend driving between the two hospitals.
 Baby Jax Caspian Crawford and Mama are home and happy now.  Miracles can happen when God is willing and a family unites in prayer across the miles.  Heavenly Father's will was to bring this little baby into the world, with the blessing of getting to keep his Mama.
We are all grateful things worked out this way.  We are happy that this little guy has got his parents thinking about God again.  It's the little things that matter.

God is good!