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Sunday, May 28, 2017

May Flowers and Maybe a Gnome or Two

Kayla and I decided that we would try our hand at making fairy gardens.  Although we fell in love with the little gnomes instead.  So we have two gnome gardens instead.

This one is mine, I really liked the fox family to go with my cottage.
 Kayla made this one, she went with a log cabin and raccoon.  I think they are both cute.
So I added a lot of whimsy to the backyard garden. 

 So, I did get a little fairy to add to my backyard planters.

Kyle and I started working on the front yard to get ready for the Memorial Day Parade on Monday.  So Friday after work we finally, got the yard work started.  We weeded the front flower gardens and mulched the bed.  It looks so nice.
 The Madison Preschool Teachers got me this planter, that I added to my front stoop.  Impecable timing.  I was asked to look at a different position for next year.  One that would bring more money, and headache, but they were impressed with my work and wanted to move me ahead.  I decided just the day before receiving this that I needed to do at least one more year at this job.  I worked so hard to build relationships and understand the job.  I want another year of working in this environment that was created with a lot of hard work and dedication of many.
 We even got the side yard looking better, although not completely finished.  The woman who sold us the house was a master gardener with a giant green thumb.  She had so many flower beds around the house.  We are not master gardeners, nor do we want to be tied down to so many plants.
Over time we scaled back.  This year we are taking out three more flower beds and going to grass.  Sounds crazy to some I suppose,  but I am excited to get our yard looking nice and manageable for us.
Kyle is hobbling around like an old man after this apparently back breaking work.  I feel bad for him.  Hopefully it heals soon without needing to much rest.  So many projects to tackle right now.

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  1. So darn cute! I'll have to do a drive by and check it all out. Love the fairy/gnome gardens...great idea! Have a nice Memorial day!