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Monday, April 11, 2016

Spring Break Trip: The Carolinas

So, it's pretty awesome to get to see some of your great friends.  It doesn't hurt any that they live in the warm South Carolina.  So we often bother them over Spring Break before it get ridiculously hot down there.
Our first full day down there, we spent it in Greenville, SC.  We enjoyed a nice day walking in the park.

 The kids enjoyed some sunshine.  Here is a typical look at what it feels like to be the big sister.
 I remember having two siblings trailing around me, even when I didn't want them around.
 Later that evening, we got to attend Grady's first t-ball game.  Joey occupied himself playing with his truck...(watch that little guy like a hawk...)
 It sure was fun watching this kids play.  My favorite was watching the kids play in the dirt instead of having their glove on.  Cracked me up!
 Sure is awesome, when Dad is one of the coaches.
 Remember that little guy playing with the truck.  He thought he needs some of that dirt the others were playing in.  Before we knew it he was at the pitcher's mound.
 We spent the next day back a Greenville, SC shopping around the Mast General Store, which is a favorite stop.  We got our best souvenirs for the kids there and the the CVS, believe it or not!
The last day of the trip we venture up to Hendersonville, NC to do some hiking in Dupont State Park.  It was beautiful.

 Lots of natural beauty and we saw a couple waterfalls.  This was triple falls.
 Such a super cute family.  We sure to love and miss them being closer.
 Then we hiked up to Upper Falls.  This was the best view.  We hiked in close so the kids could dip their feet in.
 Nothing cuter than a baby in strong arms.  He will make a good grandpappy some day.  He wants the kids to have their children call him grandpappy, because that is what his dad goes by.
I don't find myself in front of the lens too often, but thought, I could allow one picture of the two of us.  It was a needed vacation.  I came back ready to teach again.  I can't believe this was three weeks ago already.  We are just beginning 3 weeks of state testing.  Whohoo, said no teacher ever!