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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Garden is a Blooming

 We did a ton of work on our house last year.  Bone weary tired work.
 Major restoration to front and back porch, new roof and poured a patio.
 So this year, for the first time since we moved in...
 ...18 years ago, we have been able to make the outside pretty.
 Relaxing even.  It is nice to go outside and sit on your patio and enjoy beautiful flowers.
 I decided to try some herbs this year.  My summer project is to learn how to use them.
We added some veggies to do a salad garden.

 I have a little bit of whimsy scattered through the area.

 Front walk, looks the best it ever has.

Home, sweet, home!

Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day Weekend 2016

We always make plans for ideas we'd like to accomplish in summer.  Places we'd like to visit.  But then life happens and we never arrive at those destinations.  So, at the beginning of the month, I bought some tickets to the Akron Rubber Ducks game.  We decided to go to the minor leagues.
 It was a super fun game.  Lots to see and do.  It was incredibly hot.
 We sat with our ball field food and lemonade and enjoyed the Ducks beating the Harrisburg Senators 6-2.

 We even got to see some fireworks at the end.  What a fun game.  Saturday, we took off with my Mom and Step-dad and headed to Marrieta to enjoy an evening at my Aunt Cyndi's house.  Morgan graduated from high school.  So we celebrated with a party.  We decided to get a hotel room because it would have been a late night drive home.
 This was the view from the hotel room.  Beautiful view right into West Virginia.
Monday, we enjoyed the annual Hayesville, Memorial Day parade.  Kicked off by our veterans color guard marching by.
 I agree.  May, God bless our Veterans.  They earned it!
 You can't have a parade without the fire trucks...
 ...and the marching band.
The best part was we got to watch from our newly refurbished front porch.  Thanks, to all Kyle's hard work last summer.
 This guy, will be spending next Memorial Day in Utah.  He reports back to his mission the end of July/beginning of August.  (phew!)

If you look really hard, can you see it?  In the crook of the branch is a humming bird on her tiny nest.  Super cute to watch.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Keeping May Interesting in the Classroom

So when you teach 12 year olds, it is important to keep them busy in May.  They need to be busy, busy, busy or they cause trouble, trouble trouble!  So I have some projects going on in the classroom.
4 of my 6 classes just completed Ancient China projects.  My favorite one is above.  The boy in blue did a fantastic job putting it together.  It was super creative.  I have never had broccoli trees brought in before!

 Here are the rest.  The all worked hard and were so proud to show them off.  We ended up displaying them

 The lampshade Great Wall of China is fun too.
 In my two advance placed classes we tackled an entrepreneur fair.  They made items to sell and had to work with overhead, supply and demand and competition of businesses.  They each invested $10 in their company and could make 10-20 items to be sold.  All proceeds when to a local charity.
 The kids worked super hard and were very creative.  They pretty much all sold out.  It was amazing to see how well that went.
 The two classes got to choose where to place the money they earned.  They decided to give their money to the Ashland Co. Dog Shelter.
At lot of them donated their start up cost instead of just their profits.  (Proud teacher moment!)  We ended up donating $512.55 to their cause!  Some teaching moments are just awesome!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Bone of Contention

So what about this would make a couple bicker?
The fact that it might not be done by the due date?
The fact that the weather won't cooperate?
The fact that my spouse procrastinates?
The fact that my spouse is on call three weeks in a row?

Hmm, bones of contention, can't wait until this is finished and I don't have to answer to a grant committee.  We missed the deadline....grrr.

I need a break!

Monday, April 11, 2016

Spring Break Trip: The Carolinas

So, it's pretty awesome to get to see some of your great friends.  It doesn't hurt any that they live in the warm South Carolina.  So we often bother them over Spring Break before it get ridiculously hot down there.
Our first full day down there, we spent it in Greenville, SC.  We enjoyed a nice day walking in the park.

 The kids enjoyed some sunshine.  Here is a typical look at what it feels like to be the big sister.
 I remember having two siblings trailing around me, even when I didn't want them around.
 Later that evening, we got to attend Grady's first t-ball game.  Joey occupied himself playing with his truck...(watch that little guy like a hawk...)
 It sure was fun watching this kids play.  My favorite was watching the kids play in the dirt instead of having their glove on.  Cracked me up!
 Sure is awesome, when Dad is one of the coaches.
 Remember that little guy playing with the truck.  He thought he needs some of that dirt the others were playing in.  Before we knew it he was at the pitcher's mound.
 We spent the next day back a Greenville, SC shopping around the Mast General Store, which is a favorite stop.  We got our best souvenirs for the kids there and the the CVS, believe it or not!
The last day of the trip we venture up to Hendersonville, NC to do some hiking in Dupont State Park.  It was beautiful.

 Lots of natural beauty and we saw a couple waterfalls.  This was triple falls.
 Such a super cute family.  We sure to love and miss them being closer.
 Then we hiked up to Upper Falls.  This was the best view.  We hiked in close so the kids could dip their feet in.
 Nothing cuter than a baby in strong arms.  He will make a good grandpappy some day.  He wants the kids to have their children call him grandpappy, because that is what his dad goes by.
I don't find myself in front of the lens too often, but thought, I could allow one picture of the two of us.  It was a needed vacation.  I came back ready to teach again.  I can't believe this was three weeks ago already.  We are just beginning 3 weeks of state testing.  Whohoo, said no teacher ever!