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Friday, November 29, 2013

Blessings Counted

 First blessing counted for me was that all four of us were together today.  It means more now that Kota was gone for awhile.  We had a small meal with one of my favorites, homemade dinner rolls.  My family usually makes Great Grandma Steigerwalt's recipe every year.  It makes about 5 dozen rolls.  I made a 1/2 batch.  We had breakfast out of these rolls too.  Mmmm!
Kyle brought a new tradition to me when we got married.  Homemade whipping cream, I do not recall ever eating homemade whipped cream, before being married.  I'm pretty sure I only remember Cool Whip.
 With just the four of us I don't cook a big turkey, as we don't do well with leftovers.  So we  made a turkey breast and Kyle takes over the carving of the little piece of meat.  It was so tender and juicy and delicious!
I only caught a picture of Kayla before putting the camera down and getting the final touches together.
 Kyle filled the bird feeder twice today so even the birds had a Thanksgiving feast.  We enjoy watching the local birds coming around and visiting the backyard feeder.
It was a nice, quiet day at our house.  Just what I needed. 

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Decisions, Decisions

When I think of Kayla sometimes, I remember this.
The little girl that wrapped herself around her daddy's finger.  The girl that was so happy and brought joy to all around her.  I had stories from all her teachers about how she brings a smile to her face.  How she was always humming and singing to us, even as a baby.
My little sweet pea.
Now we  are trying to figure out what to do in the future.
My little sweet pea gets really, upset trying to figure it out.  Why do we have to make such decision when we are so young?

I'm glad that she knows how to call on the powers of heaven to help her make such decisions.  I'm glad she knows her Heavenly Father.  It is so hard to watch this decision making process, this is where I have to trust her to do the things we've taught her since she was little, but if not...
we love her regardless.

This month's lesson in being like the Savior is to trust in Him.  To know that not everything is in the power of me, but all things are possible in the power of my God.  Phew, tough lesson.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Catch up from a Crazy Few Weeks

So what happened with the clan since homecoming...where do I begin?
The girl that we have been having discussions with got baptized.  By my son.  Wow!  I love that our guys hold the priesthood. 
We did some local farm visits to pick up our pumpkins and gourds that we decorated with.  We can't beat the little roadside pick you own and pay with the honors system.  Inexpensive and gorgeous.
I had two nights of parent/teacher conferences, those are marathon days and it always amazes me what parents say.  Some are happy and excited what you do and others will pick a part a program that you spent hours on.  I understand and just keep trying to do my best.

Then I spend 3 days and 2 nights for our annual outdoor school with the kids.  This year we worked really hard at getting our common core lesson plans and new techniques for intervention squared away.  We worked so hard!  It felt good to get so much accomplished.

Kota's been home for about a month now.  It is like he was never gone.  He has grown, he listens more than he used too, I hope that keeps growing.  Maybe I've grown too.  I am slower to react to the snippy comments that we do to those we love.  I enjoy getting a Kota hug daily.  I really missed those.

We are in full preparation for the mission.  Papers are submitted, we are just waiting for the bishop to send them on.  We are hoping for the mission call by Christmas.

So much going on.  There are a lot of changes on the horizon.  I can't believe November is already 1/2 over.

Where does the time go?