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Saturday, December 31, 2016

End of Year

A lot of things change in a year.  Jobs, priorities, etc.
My 2016 word of the year was prioritize.
I did not accomplish what I set out for, but I did prioritize what was important.
I applied for a new job on a whim.
I got that new job.  I've been a Preschool Director since August.  Interesting the changes between teaching and managing.
We are still planning on buying land in Minnesota, we even found a chunk, Kyle is going to call on next week.  Just happens that Kota might be living on it.
Life has a way of giving you things you aren't expecting.  I've learned over time that sometimes it is better than you could have expected.

 These two refuse to stay little.  So now I guess I have to let them grow up.  Kota is planning to move to MN to start a new job as a carpenter and look for a wife.  Funny 23 years ago his Dad moved from MN to Ohio to find a wife.  Life has come full circle I suppose.
This little one fell for a guy before he left on his mission.  So she is dutifully writing him weekly while he is out.  He has been out 6 months.  Fun how life works, the guy she met at a YSA activity camped with our scout troop at Scout Camp.  Kyle watched him grow up at summer camp.  If all stays on course how Kayla would like, they will marry after he gets home from his mission.

Kyle and I are working diligently to reduce our debt.  If all goes according to plan we should be debt free in about 5 years from now.  Or at least really close.  I paid off two school loans this year-I have the two big one's to go, but am happy to be reducing the debt.  That was a priority of mine.

I thought it would be fun to get family pictures taken one more time before the marriages happen.  Our little family, getting ready to embark on change.  Change that grown children bring in.  Change that is hard to be patient for, but really what else can you do, but wait and see what the good Lord has to offer.  Goodbye, 2016, you have been a good year for the Crawford's.  A lot of learning and blessing have come, we look forward to more growth in 2017.