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Sunday, January 31, 2016

This is my report

Well, ups and downs for the weight loss, started at strong, then I ended up hurting my back, so slowed down on the gym.  Good news is 9 pounds disappeared somewhere!

Kyle and I worked hard rallying the Ward Council to make a ward mission plan.  It took all month, but we pieced it together with the help of our friends.  Have you ever read a book that e whole outlook you've had on life or how things work for you in your life.  Well I just finished up reading "Power of Everyday Missionaries " by Clayton Christenson.  It is awesome, makes a person think.  Everydaymissionaries.org check it out.  So spiritually, I have been preparing myself for missionary work.  So much so that Kyle and I set the date of February 23rd to have someone for the missionaries to teach.  I learned that the success is in the invite and not the outcome of the people accepting or rejecting our offer.  I saw this work in the person who came to mind for Kyle and I'm excited to see who I am supposed to talk with be manifested unto me.  I love spiritual growth, it is energizing.

This week will be busy.  We are working on a ward social and have a YSA activity to schedule tomorrow night.  So lots to do...
Have a great week, I am hoping to.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Decisions, Decisons, 21 of Them

 This is a place we've really come to know over the last two years.  This place is where a broken heart comes to heal.  Our Stake President, President Talley lives here.  He has such a beautiful love of the Savior.  He looks to the heart of a big trial and does his best to emulate the Savior and how He would behave if He were the one counseling my son.
 Two mission attempts in the past two years, two trips home; one before he got started and one, eight months after he served.  President Talley takes the time to meet with my son every 6 weeks.  A transfer in missionary language.
 Kota goes here to heal, to learn, to grow.  He comes out loved, filled with hope, and goals for the next six weeks.  Six weeks ago, he went in not sure if he was going to return to his mission.  He thought maybe, 8 months was enough, and now with the 21st birthday looming, that he might just stay home and begin the quest of finding a temple marriage.  Kyle and I were hoping that he might change his mind, but the thought of him staying and starting a good adult life, was also a noble choice.  Instead of referring to our knowledge and hopes, our council to Kota was to do what he thought would be the Lord's will.  That whatever that was for him would be okay.

Sunday, before traveling up to President Talley's house, Kyle had a temple recommend interview.  When done, he came and got Kota and me from class.  Brother Jeffery one of the counselors in the bishopric told my son, that he wanted him to know that if he chose to stay and start a family that he would support and love him for that decision.  But, if he chose to go back on the mission he would still love him, but he (Kota) would be his hero.  At that point, with a Spirit-filled room, Kota told all of us, that he just told bishop that he was going back.  He had a mission to finish.  The spirit told him a week ago that it was time to go back.

Tender mercies!  How lucky are we to have such amazing examples of Christ-like behaviors in our life. 
 As part of our ward mission callings we've been rallying the YSA (young single adults) to have some local fun activities, as stake activities are 1 hour away 4 days a week and they can't make all those trips.  We had a Harry Potter Night.  Elyse volunteered for snacks and did an excellent job.
 The missionaries came for the beginning, pre-movie part, plus we fed them dinner.  They left us with a spiritual thought.  Then we got started.

 Thanks Elyse and Dakota for getting us organized.  Dakota turns 21 this Friday.  So this was in honor of him.
 Most people his age, would celebrate by getting drunk.  He just hung with his friends, watched Harry Potter.
 ...and maybe had a butter beer, or two.  (Crème Soda, with butter flavoring, whipped crème and marshmallow topping).  You know, like they drink in Harry Potter at Hogsmead?
Today, we put Kota on a plane to visit with his grandparents the next month in Minnesota.  His Christmas/Birthday present to spend a month with family to help the time pass before returning to the mission really paid off.  He turns 21 tomorrow.  So many possibilities with the decisions that he has made.  Can't wait to watch them unfold.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Heck of a Week

Last Sunday was our first real snow fall of the year.  The puppies sure to enjoy a good frolic in the snow.
 Kayla has an obsession with cheese balls.  Not just any cheeseballs, mind you, but the ones that you get a Sam's Club.  The dogs really enjoy them too.  Shh, not when Kayla's looking.

 So this light dusting of snow was a precursor to the week.  Tuesday, there was a big dumping.  So much so, that every school district in the county, but mine had a snow day.  You know, no school, roll back over and go to sleep.  I really, don't mind going to work on these days, but Tuesday I was in so much pain, I ended up taking a sick day.
 Monday, I apparently hurt my back while standing up from a table at school.  I had the worst pain, I have ever felt in the middle of my back.  Kyle, said it sounded a lot like the pain he had when he had the kidney stones.  So, I thought I might have one too.
I took so pain killers and sat in my recliner all night.  Just waiting for a stone to pass.  No, such luck.  I woke up Tuesday with quite a bit of pain, but not like the night before.  So, I decided to stay home and go to the doctor to see  if I had a kidney infection or something. 

Sort of embarrassing, but it wasn't the kidney at all.  Way to go Dr. Kyle, you missed the diagnosis.  I had muscle pain.  The Doc made me feel better, by saying endothermic back injuries can manifest their pain in various parts of the back.  So, he asked if I have a chiropractor?

Boy, do I.  My good friend Dr. Starkey took care of me.  Phew, no snow day, and two doctor visits later, I got through my painful Tuesday.

Wednesday, when the rest of the county schools are on a two hour delay for wind chill weather, we are off to work at normal time.  Now, once again, I don't mind working, but those children who somehow feel slighted by not getting what the other kids are getting are a bit hard to deal with on those days.

Lots of work to get done.  It seems like I've learned to be okay with leaving work without having every "I" dotted and "T" crossed.  A person could do nothing, but school work.  I'm trying very hard to not let paperwork dictate who I am.  I really want to focus on my spiritual life too.

We went to dinner tonight with Matt and Connie Gorrell.  We chose to go to a new Japanese Steakhouse in Ontario.  This restaurant was opened by members of the church and we wanted to visit.  It was a great time.  We laughed and had a great time.  We have some double date buddies.  It's good to have nice friends.

Kyle had me watch a video today from the woman from "Fixer Uppers" on HGTV.  It really got me to thinking.  She was talking about an answer to her personal prayer.  That God told her that one day she was going to get what she was dreaming, but she had to be ready to go when he said, go.  She said, that when that time came, she wasn't quite ready.  But, then she had the thought, don't you trust me with your dreams?

I keep thinking about that.  Do I trust Heavenly Father, with my dreams?  I have a lot of them.  Some of them, I have been so disappointed with the timeframe, that I think I might have given up.  I haven't really let go to the trust, that I won't be disappointed and that the timeframe will suit my wants.  Guess, I have some repenting to do...So, that is my thought this week.  I want to trust Heavenly Father with my dreams.  Do you trust Heavenly Father with your dreams?

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

2016 Priorities


That is my word or 2016.  When I do the hard evaluation of myself I seem to be standing in a place that I don't always like.  I'm focused on the wrong things most days.

So what are my priorities:
We just went to the temple for the first time since May last Thursday...I know right...too long.
1. God and His work
That means trying to get to the temple monthly.  Getting more time in our calling and less screen time.  Reading the scriptures more regularly.

I just saw a number on the scale that made me slap my forehead, plus my body is groaning in pain at

the end of most days.  Arthritis is beginning a place in my life, flexibility is changing.  I can't ignore it anymore.

2. My health

I usually for the sake of my sanity ignore the bias news.  I catch what I want to online, but ignore the newscasts.  I don't like what I am catching, bit by bit.
3.  Be Prepared
With my food storage, we are really trying to reduce our debt from me going to college.  We have been doing the One for the Money, debt reduction and I have paid off two debts last year and have one more payment on one of my school loans this month.  It really feels good.

4. To purchase land.
I know it goes against the debt reduction, but this has been our dream since we got married, to build our own place.  We have had a lot of financial devastation in our lives and to finally be in a position that we can start this next chapter is exciting.  What we have learned has molded what we will choose to build.  We have a giant house now and don't even begin to use the space.  We are going to start with a 24 x 24 cabin with an attached garage.  1/3 the size of what we have now.  But once we sell this place in the next few years we should be debt free on the next homestead.  Then choices for jobs will be what we want.  I want something when I clock out I don't have more work to do at home, or where people criticize you for things their children did wrong, or for things that are out of my control like what the department of education tells me I have to teach, and lastly for a system that uses property tax to pay me and all the negativity that comes with it.

I have some lofty expectations of myself, but I really do want to take back over my life and focus on what will be better for me.  My priorities.