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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

2016 Priorities


That is my word or 2016.  When I do the hard evaluation of myself I seem to be standing in a place that I don't always like.  I'm focused on the wrong things most days.

So what are my priorities:
We just went to the temple for the first time since May last Thursday...I know right...too long.
1. God and His work
That means trying to get to the temple monthly.  Getting more time in our calling and less screen time.  Reading the scriptures more regularly.

I just saw a number on the scale that made me slap my forehead, plus my body is groaning in pain at

the end of most days.  Arthritis is beginning a place in my life, flexibility is changing.  I can't ignore it anymore.

2. My health

I usually for the sake of my sanity ignore the bias news.  I catch what I want to online, but ignore the newscasts.  I don't like what I am catching, bit by bit.
3.  Be Prepared
With my food storage, we are really trying to reduce our debt from me going to college.  We have been doing the One for the Money, debt reduction and I have paid off two debts last year and have one more payment on one of my school loans this month.  It really feels good.

4. To purchase land.
I know it goes against the debt reduction, but this has been our dream since we got married, to build our own place.  We have had a lot of financial devastation in our lives and to finally be in a position that we can start this next chapter is exciting.  What we have learned has molded what we will choose to build.  We have a giant house now and don't even begin to use the space.  We are going to start with a 24 x 24 cabin with an attached garage.  1/3 the size of what we have now.  But once we sell this place in the next few years we should be debt free on the next homestead.  Then choices for jobs will be what we want.  I want something when I clock out I don't have more work to do at home, or where people criticize you for things their children did wrong, or for things that are out of my control like what the department of education tells me I have to teach, and lastly for a system that uses property tax to pay me and all the negativity that comes with it.

I have some lofty expectations of myself, but I really do want to take back over my life and focus on what will be better for me.  My priorities.


  1. You are always great at setting goals and getting things done. I admire that in you.

    Tom's parents are going to be selling their home in Jeromesville. How much acreage are you looking for?

  2. You have great goals. And I'm impressed with your goals you accomplished last year in the debt area. That's a great accomplishment in it self.

  3. Sounds like you have already accomplished some good things and have some great ideas in the hopper, too. I like the idea of you doing more of what you really want to do.


  4. You will do it! I know you and Kyle have always talked about building a cabin so I'm sure it will be accomplished in the right time. I'm so looking forward to not working..retiring in a few years! The health issue is most important. You can't buy good health from a store. You're young enough to get it done because I'm telling you it's harder the older you get...I should know! Good luck with everything this year! You guys are awesome!