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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Jammed packed weekend, grad beginnings

Our first graduation for miss Kayla was seminary.  This little girlie got up every morning at the crack of dawn to drive into ashland for bible study classes.  She has done this for the last four years of school and really enjoyed her study of the Book of Mormon this past year.  Emily also graduated this year too.

Saturday we spent the evening at my adopted sister Danielle's wedding.

It was outside between the frigid rain showers.  It was really cold out there.  I felt sorry for the bride and her maid in sleeveless dresses.  Brrrr!

Danielle's life has been complicated with a father who didn't want much to do with her.  Her brother gave her away.

My brother and sister came to watch too.

And sister-in-law Hannah with malea.

And step mom, Danielle's mother were all there for the festivities.

Oops can't for get Kayla.

Overall a beautiful wedding and then we went to Mansfield to get all the party supplies for Kayla's grad party.

It is busy here with me finishing my grad class Thursday, having another principal interview today, Minnesota people coming in for another wedding this weekend, Kayla's school graduation and grad party.  Not sure we could pack in much more.  I'm really going to enjoy my first week off this summer!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Mothers Day

Mother's Day was a multiple day festival for us here.  Saturday I went with Kyle to pick my annual flowers for my out building.

I tried different colors this year and am pleased with the outcome.

Plus, I picked out a beautiful rose bush to take place of the holly bush that died out front.

Then Sunday I was surprised by my kids who got me cute things this year.  Kayla got me fun summer scents for my wax burner and some chocolate.  Kota got me a necklace that says Mama on it, because that is what he calls me and some chocolate.  Plus, both kids sat with me at church.  I think that was my favorite thing of the weekend.  Kota and I had a drive up to the stake presidents and things are moving along well with that.  My joy was full Sunday and it felt nice.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Prom 4/26/14

Kayla uses her tried and true hair stylist, Brooke.  Her seminary teacher does special hair and is great at it.  We usually trade service, this year we got her a gift card.

It takes a long time to do this much hair into curls and beautifulness.  Two hours this time.  Phew!

When you get that done, then you get to look like a princess.

 Kayla was most nervous about putting on the flower on her date Ian.  I made her do it this time, I have done it every other time and I think that is more awkward for her date.
 Grandma and Grandpa Steigerwalt approved too. 
Kayla had a great time with her friend Ian.  They enjoyed a relaxing dinner at Memories in Wooster, Ohio.  Then danced.  They only attended post prom for an hour or so until Kayla's knee started to get swollen.  Overall, she had fun.