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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Mothers Day

Mother's Day was a multiple day festival for us here.  Saturday I went with Kyle to pick my annual flowers for my out building.

I tried different colors this year and am pleased with the outcome.

Plus, I picked out a beautiful rose bush to take place of the holly bush that died out front.

Then Sunday I was surprised by my kids who got me cute things this year.  Kayla got me fun summer scents for my wax burner and some chocolate.  Kota got me a necklace that says Mama on it, because that is what he calls me and some chocolate.  Plus, both kids sat with me at church.  I think that was my favorite thing of the weekend.  Kota and I had a drive up to the stake presidents and things are moving along well with that.  My joy was full Sunday and it felt nice.


  1. Those are the best kinds of Mother's Day!! Thankfully, two of the peonies survived my gardening skills and they do have tiny blooms on them. I will enjoy them!

  2. Aww! Happy Mother's Day to my kid's God mother! Your kids did good!

  3. Those kiddos know the way to your heart! Great gifts with lots of love!

  4. Sounds like a great weekend. I hope your new plants are surviving all of this rain!