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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Decisions, Decisions

When I think of Kayla sometimes, I remember this.
The little girl that wrapped herself around her daddy's finger.  The girl that was so happy and brought joy to all around her.  I had stories from all her teachers about how she brings a smile to her face.  How she was always humming and singing to us, even as a baby.
My little sweet pea.
Now we  are trying to figure out what to do in the future.
My little sweet pea gets really, upset trying to figure it out.  Why do we have to make such decision when we are so young?

I'm glad that she knows how to call on the powers of heaven to help her make such decisions.  I'm glad she knows her Heavenly Father.  It is so hard to watch this decision making process, this is where I have to trust her to do the things we've taught her since she was little, but if not...
we love her regardless.

This month's lesson in being like the Savior is to trust in Him.  To know that not everything is in the power of me, but all things are possible in the power of my God.  Phew, tough lesson.


  1. So funny how much we stress over what to do with our lives at a young age. I took a job that I thought would be just for the summer right after graduation and 42yrs later I'm still working in an operating room! I took all business classes in high school. Sometimes we find ourselves in a different place...one that God has for us. I know Kayla will figure out the future with His help and her parent's by her side!

  2. She will figure it out in time. At least she cares!! (A lot of teens don't, it seems.)


  3. I think most of my life hasn't gone quite as I've planned. Especially my college days. Took me 16 years of changing my mind to finally get that job done! Kayla, I'm sure, will figure it all out much faster. :)

  4. This may be off topic, but she is so stinkin pretty!! I know she'll make the right decisions. I really think she has, so far!