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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Cheap Date

Valentine's Day is meant to bring some cheer in the middle of a dreary winter.  We usually make a pact to not get each other anything, but we usually go on a date.
This year after a long week at work, we opted to stay close to home.
We started by taking the pups on a long winter hike.
 Then we went to Jeromesville to the Pizza House to pick up one of our favorite pizzas.
 We snuggled on the love seat and watched a video.  It was a great night in.  I think I enjoyed myself so much more than going out in the crowded restaurants.
 Even Tina, snuggled in.
Today, is our Ward's annual Cheap Good Night Out.  Fancy name for Chili cook off.

I decided to make some mac and cheese to go with us.  Dakota shredded all the cheese for me while I was making dessert for the social and to have the youth over to our house Sunday evening.
We enjoyed our dinner and the company.  It was a lot of fun talking.  After dinner the members of the ward do silly skits.  This year the Young Women did a movie theater skit that was really cute.  At the end the audience chooses the winner by the loudest applause.  It came down to the YW and...
And the winner was...

The missionaries!  The boys did a hillbilly skit and the one in the red hat played a banjo.  It was way cute. 


  1. It was a fun evening and I'm glad we could sit with you guys and have a few laughs!

  2. I'm with you, we love just staying home in this weather! The dogs all look cozy too.
    Kathy is always telling me @ the chili cook off. It looks like a blast. Someday I'll make it. The skit looks like a riot!