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Saturday, February 8, 2014

I'll Go Inside Someday; He Went Inside Today

In Primary, the children sing a song, "I love to see the temple, I'll go inside someday."
Today, Kota went inside the temple.  Not the first time, but the first time to receive endowments. 
 For information on temples click here.
For me, today brought unexpected joy.  Not that I didn't think I would be happy, but just for some realizations.  1. My children are beginning to choose for themselves to take the next step.
2.  The atonement can change lives, even bring someone back from the bottom of the barrel.
3.  Families really are forever!
4.  Heavenly Father knows us better than we know ourselves.
5.  Dakota is starting to show adult qualities and is going to be fine.
Today, Dakota was surrounded by family and his ward family in the temple.  He was enveloped by a support system of people that helped us raise him.  Scout leaders from the past, primary and seminary teachers, a YM president that loved him through a tough consequence from a bad choice, the current bishopric, an aunt, the spirit of out-of-state family that couldn't be there, and finally the thoughts of great-grandparent's who were represented.  I think he had a small army around him. 
Small miracles come to those who serve the Lord.  As we have been scurrying getting all the things together for Kota's mission and checking off the things that are necessary to have finished.  We are being blessed as a family.  Each time we have left to go shopping for mission supplies or clothes we have found great bargains.  Entire suits regular priced $400 for $100, white shirts for $10.  The ladies at the register are so impressed that a 19 year-old can choose to go on a mission they give an extra discount.  T-shirts for $2 for preparation days and exercise.
I can not express the joy I feel or the emotions that are coursing through the veins today.  I love every part of my faith.  I know this is the place for me.  I know families are forever and the temple is the place to make it happen!


  1. These next two years will change him forever! (In GREAT ways.) So glad he had such a strong support team with him today!

  2. I'm so glad Jack and I were there! It was a wonderful day. I know he'll do great on his mission.

  3. Waaahhhh! That post was beautiful! I so wish we could have been there! We were there is spirit, though. Love you guys!