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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Elder Crawford

This was the final goodbye.  It felt like a final goodbye too.  Goodbye to childhood, goodbye to our tiny little family of four, goodbye to Ohio.
Kyle gave Kota a father's blessing before he left.  It was a tender and heartfelt moment, that really got us all crying.

Goodbye to the new puppy.  I think that was most difficult for the kid.
After the heavy leaving of home, we headed toward Canton.  We stopped by Outback Steakhouse for what Kota called our "Last Supper."    Kyle did not want to sit at the restaurant for an hour after our meal, so we ventured to the airport 90 minutes early, to the 90 minutes early they suggested from his flight time.  We checked his bags together because he did not want to do it by himself.
Then him and Kayla made weird faces at each other for awhile.  We cracked jokes and talked about lots of different things.
We took him to the security gates where he thought funny poses would be in order.
Then we stood at the line we were not allowed to cross and watched him go to his gate.  Goodbye Kota, we love you.

Gone...for two years serving the Lord.  Man, we will miss you.  It was a tearful walk to the car, but I know that you are going to work hard and be happy.  What else could I ask for?


  1. He just doesn't look like the little boy from Primary anymore. He looks like a man. :)

  2. Ahhh, I know you're going to miss him.

  3. It's where he needs to be at the time the Lord will use him to bless others. I sure know how you all are feeling and believe me when I say it will be OK.

  4. God be with you Kota. It is hard I know. But also, you know what a blessing Kota will be to others with God using him in His work. Hang in there Mom and Dad.

  5. How hard it is to send out kids out into the world.

  6. So glad you posted this..thanks for sharing. It will be great to read in 2 yrs just before he comes home. Meanwhile, you will be reading his letters and seeing his testimony grow by leaps and bounds, and probably finding your own doing the same:)

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  8. Hey miss our little chats, hope your doing well and the Lord has big plans for you still. Hope to talk to you soon