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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Homecoming 2012

 Dakota prepared for his final homecoming dance today.  He looked great.  Kayla despite of getting the bad news of no date, had a great outlook on the dance.  She went with a few friends and had a wonderful time.
 Dakota's date Alexa went to Cheddar's for dinner.  He reported that they had a good time, ate good food and danced a lot!

 Kyle and I fed the girls.  We made them a steak, twice baked potato, shrimp and homemade dinner roll dinner.  I had stuff for salads, but they all declined.  We ate on nice plates and had out wine goblets for sparkling cider.
 They laughed and giggled through the whole dinner.
 They added some final bling to their already gorgeous hair.  A little bit of glitter never hurt anyone.

 I think Kayla had a lot more fun hanging out with her girl friends than she would have going on a date.

I have to say one of my favorite parts of her outfit was her shoes.  She looked beautiful in her brown and turquoise.

My daughter is a great example of cheerfulness.  I hope that continues into her adulthood.  She can take a bum situation and make if fun often.  That is a talent she gets from her father.  Her idea of having a girl dinner made the night special for all of these girls.  Hannah's mom was so thankful for this dinner.  She was heartfelt when she was thanking us for having the girls and stating how much it meant to her daughter to have a good time this night too.  After pondering this, I'm glad the YM decided to go to conference.  His thought to do what was right caused another to have an evening she otherwise would not have had.  Heavenly Father truly loves all His children and that was manifested to me once again.

2012 Homecoming was a success from the turquoise shoes to the homemade dinner!


  1. I'm so proud of Kayla for realizing how much fun can be had with good friends, good food, a safe place and not letting anyone decide the mood for her! I'm also glad the YM did what was right. The girls looked great and I LOVE Kayla's shoes...really stylin'! The food looked yummy also. I've made a few dinners for teens in my lifetime and I always think they are the best. The price is right, the tension of eating with a date is gone and laughter is a given. Good job Mom & Dad! In my day...horse and buggy...no one went to a homecoming or prom without a date. I'm so happy that's not the case now.

  2. The kids looks awesome! I love how beautifully modest Kayla is, as always! My favorite part are the shoes also. It was so good to see you guys!