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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Life at the Fair

What  do you go to the county fair for?  For me this has just been a part of life to look forward to every Septemember.
  Growing up on  a small farm farm we (Dad) raised animals.  Then we got to show them at the fair through 4-H.  I loved every minute of 4-H.  Doing the projects, showing the animals, getting ribbons, it was fun.
So fun, that I always thought that we would have a mini farm of our own.
So some day, when I get that mini farm of my own,  I want to have these cows.
Aren't they just cute?  They look like they could make chocolate milk, don't they?
 This little guy was up for being petted.
Pygmy goats are so cute to, maybe a couple of these running around would be fun.
Once again, hanging out with the Spellmans.


I showed sheep for most of my 4-H experience.  But, my favorite thing to show honestly, was pigs.  I only did that one year.  Who knew?
To answer my original question.  I go to the fair for french fries.  They never quite taste the same any where else.  I eat mine drowned in vinegar. 


  1. I love this post. Such memories. I have gone to our parish fair every year of my life. And continued the tradition with our kids. They also did the 4H livestock showing with calves and rabbits. We would go twice a day to have to feed and tend to our animals there. And then have judging, hoping to place 1st in your showing and year of hard work. . Of course the fair food is great. There are a few rides I love. Rodeo on Friday and Saturday nights. Seeing old friends at the fair. There's the exhibits to see - I even entered things I've made and won a blue ribbon once. I love everything about the fair.

  2. I have not been to a fair at all this year. I love the sausage with onions and peppers.

  3. Oh my! That sounds so good right now! lol Man, the fairs down here have nothing on the fairs up there!