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Friday, July 24, 2015

Karl Clifford Steigerwalt

Grandpa was born December 13, 1923.  he passed away peacefully in his home Wednesday, July 22, 2015.  Grandpa had Alzheimer's for the past several years and really didn't know most of us.  I think he would have remembered if we were children, but he did not know us as adults.

Grandpa was the best at spending time with the grandkids.  He would load as many of us as he could and head over to his Sister Aunt Verna's to fish her pond on Sunday after church.  most time it was catch and release, but sometimes we would have a fish fry back at grandma's house.  In the winter he'd take us skating on the creek behind the house.  We often found ourselves making homemade ice cream and sharing with all the cousins.  We would all get together usually in the beginning of November to butcher cows or pigs and divide up all the meat between the families.  It was a whole day process, but everyone worked hard together.

As we have grown and the family has gotten bigger we don't often meet with the cousins because we all have our own families to take care of...

but, Tuesday the whole family came in...my dad and three aunts, all the cousins came, a lot with there kids.  And for a moment it felt like it used to, everyone there.  Talking and remembering the good ol' days.  Catching up, sharing our lives, being together.

I'm not sure why time pulls us apart, but we all shared a piece of ourselves, linked by one great man, who taught us all what matters in this life: family.  The purpose we come to earth for, to come and be part of a family.  To learn about our Heavenly Father, to be a good person, and to return to our heavenly home.

Grandpa is home, back with Grandma and other family.  He will be there waiting on us to return, one by one, until we can make it.  

God be with you Grandpa; until we meet again.  I love you!


  1. Thank you for sharing those fond memories of your grandpa. I hope the peace of the spirit is with you and your family as you remember and celebrate his life. And now we all know what Dakota will look like in 70 more years. Wow, what a strong family resemblance.

  2. Sorry for your loss Stacy but you have many wonderful memories. He sounds like the kind of Grandpa everyone would have loved. You gave him a lovely tribute here.

  3. Well said, enjoyed reading about your grandpa!