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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Keeping May Interesting in the Classroom

So when you teach 12 year olds, it is important to keep them busy in May.  They need to be busy, busy, busy or they cause trouble, trouble trouble!  So I have some projects going on in the classroom.
4 of my 6 classes just completed Ancient China projects.  My favorite one is above.  The boy in blue did a fantastic job putting it together.  It was super creative.  I have never had broccoli trees brought in before!

 Here are the rest.  The all worked hard and were so proud to show them off.  We ended up displaying them

 The lampshade Great Wall of China is fun too.
 In my two advance placed classes we tackled an entrepreneur fair.  They made items to sell and had to work with overhead, supply and demand and competition of businesses.  They each invested $10 in their company and could make 10-20 items to be sold.  All proceeds when to a local charity.
 The kids worked super hard and were very creative.  They pretty much all sold out.  It was amazing to see how well that went.
 The two classes got to choose where to place the money they earned.  They decided to give their money to the Ashland Co. Dog Shelter.
At lot of them donated their start up cost instead of just their profits.  (Proud teacher moment!)  We ended up donating $512.55 to their cause!  Some teaching moments are just awesome!


  1. Super cool! I wish I had had a teacher like you!
    Good job to your kids. Those are really good projects and I love the money being sent to the dog shelter!

  2. What cool projects! They are lucky to have you as a teacher.


  3. As a former teacher of 11 and 12 year olds, I love this post! Such happy, proud faces. Wonderful creativity and productivity!!
    Won't be long now, and you'll be putting this year to rest. Happy endings!

  4. Love those projects, and the kids look like they had a lot of fun doing them. Great job on the fundraising. Amazing!