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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

30 Minutes and $50

We started the final day of our vacation at the Palmyra temple.  I loved all the windows.

On the way home from Palmyra, NY we pass by Buffalo, NY.  Buffalo is 30 minutes south of Niagara Falls.  Kayla has never been, so I was convinced to take her up there by the lets be spontaneous.
So we went.  The drive in that I was worried about be super crowded and crazy to manipulate, wasn't that bad.  This small town driver doesn't like chaotic big city driving.
We arrived.  My only request was we get in and get out.  So we were only doing one thing.  We were going to ride the Maid of the Midst so we could see all of the falls from the American side as we were both passport less.
Here was our boat view of Canada, Aye!
It was only 55 degrees that day.  Cold and beginning to rain in addition to the midst.  And a crazy wind picked up the closer we got to the horseshoe falls.

We got to see them up close and personal.  Which is very interesting on a cold, rainy, misty, spring day.
The American Falls were beautiful from this point of view.  So was it worth the 30 extra minutes and $50 for the 2 hours we were there.
Sure, I'd do it all over again to give my Fidgy another first, while I still can!

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  1. I did that ride years ago when the kiddos were little. It was fun and wet! We live in a beautiful country don't we?! Glad you took the time with Kayla and had a fun adventure!