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Sunday, January 22, 2012

17 and Counting

I can't believe my oldest is in his final phase in our home.  I know he'll be in and out in his young adulthood, but is it possible he's I'm that old?
He is holding up the gift he wanted (a cell phone), we hid it inside his shoe (big sz 13).  Grandparents came and had red velvet cake and ice cream. 

 He received new work pants and money.  He was quite happy.  Are you wondering about his duds?

He decided that it would be nice to have hat.  He dug out the vest he's had for a few years and started wearing it this week.  I think he looks like a newsie.  Happy Birthday Kota, may you have many more!

Dakota was born at 4:17 pm in the afternoon, 17 years ago.  He was born in the middle of a blizzard, kind of like the one we had Friday night.  He was my first so, I made the trip to the hospital twice earlier in the month and didn't want to be sent home again, so I was up from Midnight until about 4:30 in the morning having contractions.  I watched Kyle sleep for those hours and wondered when the pains would stop.  They didn't, so I finally woke up Kyle to get me to the hospital.
We drove the 1/2 hour trip in the middle of the storm.  It seemed like the snow plows hadn't been out on our trip to the hospital.  I labored all day. 
Around lunch time they decided to induce my labor because I wasn't making progress and was already past my due date.  When they induced the labor, Dakota's heart rate dropped.  (You know they didn't tell me all this at the time.)  They told me I had to have a C-section (you know I don't remember the reason they said) I was so young, I didn't know the right questions to ask I suppose.   But what we found out later was he was too big for me and when they induced the labor he couldn't go anywhere.
He was stubborn then and is still stubborn now.

As tradition goes in our family Dakota has many nicknames.
Grand pappy calls him Coyote
We call him Moose because he's always been so big
Kayla called him Kota because she couldn't say Dakota (and it stuck)
Dakota Jones
Moo (short for moose)
Moose goose

No matter what we call him we love him.  Happy Birthday Son.


  1. Ah, Stacey, this post made me cry a little. Thanks for sharing your handsome son's birthday and birth story. We always remember the birth story. My first birth was similar, as I had a c-section too.

    Happy Birthday to Kota!

  2. I love his hat! He looked very cool at Church. Happy Birthday kiddo! You should have guessed that when the barometric pressure dropped for the blizzard, the baby would too! I hate being on call during a weather change...was he born in Ashland? Fun story and good pics. I hope he had a great day..he's a good kid (almost grown!)

  3. Chances are that if he WAS born in Ashland, either Ya-ya or I were there during his C-Section! Happy Birthday Kota! He looks great in his new duds!!

  4. Happy 17th birthday to your son! I think he looks spiffy in his new clothes!

  5. Happy Birthday to a seriously stylish dude. This is a sweet honoring of a clearly loved son.