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Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Perseverance is hard.  It seems things that are out of my control keep creeping up and testing my endurance.  My son wrecked his car about a month ago.  He walked away with a few scratches.  The insurance did there thing and we actually did not have too much difficulty.  We have a few times when only two cars make things difficult, but not really bad.
About a week before Christmas break Dakota started having uncontrollable head movements.  His head would shake and move from chest to the side and bob up and down.  We tried to get him into the doctor, but they were booked and said to take him to the emergency room.
We did.  We went home with a paper on how to control neck pain.  But my child who is physically fit and no physical disabilities was not right.  I called my friend who's a Dr. and mom and they said to take him to Akron Children's Hospital to see a neurologist.
We fought to get a quick appointment, but they couldn't see us for two days.  We ended up taking him to the emergency room up there. 
Diagnosis: Stress induced tremors, a bit less frequent

The neurologist said: transient tics.  Could last for days, months, or years.  They are not sure where they come from or how they start, but they don't think they are related to the accident.

I'm not a doctor, but I'm thinking a crash might induce stress, whether or not the kid is talking about it.

Today: no tremors, but when things are stressful, like blessing sacrament, or high pressure he still has the tremors but not as bad as a few weeks ago.

Weird.  I had someone ask me if Heavenly Father is trying to humble him?  Interesting question.  Does Heavenly Father work that way?  I don't know.  I think it is something that we as a family need to endure.  We need to rally and pray about.  I think this to shall pass.  But if not, we love him anyhow. 
I'll take him shakin' or not, just glad to go through the growing pains with him.  Even though some days I can't wait until he's out of the house.

Here's to cheerful endurance!


  1. Wow! Sorry he had to go through that. I'm surprised at the diagnosis. I would think too that it might definately have started with the accident. I have a nurse friend at Akron Children's so if you need a different doc's opinion, I would ask her for you. Good luck to Dakota!!

  2. I hadn't seen it until Sunday when he was getting ready to bless the Sacrament...poor guy. I know he'll be OK, but I still think it's the accident and don't forget about the concussion he received in football. Seems like a good reason to me..but then again, I'm not a Doc and I haven't stayed at a Holiday Inn in years.

  3. that is so stressful when your kids are having health issues. Glad to hear it is better. Being a kid is stressful in its self.

  4. I agree with Donna and Yaya. It just seems a little too coincidental that all of this started with the accident.

    I will keep him in my prayers.


  5. That must be quite scary, I pray that it is just a few week problem, have faith.

  6. I am going to see my friend Saturday but can call her anytime. Get my ph number from the phone book or from Yaya and feel free to call if you decide you want the second opinion Stacy.