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Friday, September 7, 2012

Firsts, Lasts, and Rainy Days

 We missed the first day of school, but not the first day of seminary.  Kayla looks so thrilled with her mug of hot cocoa to head off to the Yates' home.  Kota is used to early mornings guarding the pool.  We asked for a few mornings off this year so he could attend seminary more.  I hope the blessings out weigh the loss of income.  His insurance bill is huge!!!!
 Kyle and I work the game clock for the girls and boys soccer team this year.  The advantage is we get to sit indoors despite the weather.  As we arrived Tuesday night, the heavens opened up and dumped a little bit of left over hurricane water.  Just enough to totally soak the girls, and mess up the scoreboard.  So no scoreboard for the evenings games.

 It rained long enough to make it steamy and miserable on everyone.  No matter the JV soccer team won 3-0, and Varsity Girls 1-0 against Smithville.

 Remember the scoreboard was not working tonight.  Well this was the first win of the season for the Falcon boys.  They won 9-0, very high score for a soccer game.  Too bad they didn't get to see their score on the board.
 Kyle fixed up the Taurus one last time, replacing the alternator last week.  That was the spark to finally buy something new for the Moose man.  After rolling the Trailblazer last December he was stuck with what we had available.  He endured the not so fun car which broke down about every 6-8 weeks.  We endured all the repairs and finally got tired of nickle and dimeing ourselves.  So we sold the Taurus Thursday night this week.  We put it in front of our house Monday night and received around 10 calls by Wednesday.  We have a great place to get rid of things here in town.
I ended my busy, tough emotionally week with a tall root beer float.  Sometimes creamy goodness drowns the sorrows and brings about a refreshed point of view.  Life is good in the Crawford house.


  1. Typical busy week in the Crawford house. I do love soccer and I'm glad both kiddos are playing. Our boys were done by HS because they played since 5yrs old and were tired of it...so sad. Glad Moose got his truck, now drive safely Moose! Thanks for the buckeye tree lesson..I had no idea! We're on the hunt for a new/used car too...do I need to come to Hayesville?

  2. How did you manage to get such a great rainbow shot?
    It's so bright!


  3. Hmmm... how did you sneak this post in without me seeing it? Somehow I keep missing the updates on my sidebar, and I was wondering why you hadn't posted recently. Kathy too. Guess you had. She had too. :)
    Anyway, hope your kiddos are enjoying school and seminary. Things are off to an interesting start for the Hillsdale district this year.

  4. Glad life is good at the Crawford Clan! Could you please send us some of that rain please - very dry here. I've also never tasted a root beer, let along a root beer float, so pack that in the post too please :-) Found a little time to be in the blogosphere - hope it lasts...