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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Just Stories

It is the Ashland County Fair Week.  We have been busy all year taking pictures.  I settled and talked with my friends and came up with my bests.

Kayla didn't take pictures this year, but she entered cookies and a blanket we made together in the past through her Family Consumer Science class at high school.  (What's that you say, we called it Home Ec.)

We shall see how we do this week.

It seems like I'm living life in the fast lane right now.  It's all I can do to keep up and stay a float.  It is interesting balancing three lives: mother, teacher, wife.  It all depends on the minute who gets the attention.  It seems my laundry is always the last on the list.  It seems the laundry that gets done is what we need or we won't have anything to wear the next day.

The teens are busy too.

Kota is weighing the decision of what to do with the fox.  He has out worn his welcome in the house.  Now that he is full grown he can go just about any where he wants in the house.  Including the kitchen counters.  He helps himself to anything that smells good.  If he's not particularly hungry at the moment he pees on it so no one else will eat it either.  I drew the line when he started leaving fresh steamy piles on the counter.  The fox now abides in the out of doors.  We built him a fox box and a run for him to use.  The bummer is he slipped his harness this morning.  Then the fox ran around like the wild animal he sort of is in the neighborhood.  It took forever to catch him.  He made us late for church today.  Dakota is deciding whether to release him or not.  Tough decision only he can make.

Kayla had a date to homecoming.  It happens to be the same night as General priesthood session of General Conference.  Her date cancelled, her feelings were hurt.  Oh, what to do.  She understands, but it doesn't take the sting away.  So she might just be going with a bunch of her friends.  It is only two weeks away, not sure if she can or wants to get another date.

So we are experiencing some growing pains here.  It all makes us a little stronger.


  1. the growing pains are always hard. I wish her luck at the fair.
    Life is going fast for you. It always does when the kids are home.

  2. Good luck at the fair :) Tough decision with the fox...now I understand why he was concerned about going home to check on him. That is a shame about Kayla's date, but at least it's for a good reason and not something lame. I think I always had the most fun when I went "stag" with friends. I'm sure you are normally in the fast lane - let me know if I can help you out with anything (including dropping laundry off at my house! I'm good at laundry!)

  3. Ouch about the date. I think I was there when he told her at church. Frankly, his loss and I'm thinking she'll have just as much fun with her gal pals this time. Would the fox be able to survive in the wild after being raised by humans? I had to laugh when you said he was acting like a "wild animal"...yep, I'm guessing he was! Good luck with the fair and all the entries. I'm going tomorrow but I doubt I have won anything. But that's OK, I just wanted to see if I could do it! As for the balancing act with wife, mom, worker...that's why I limp now. I never got the balancing act down!

  4. A fox box. heehee

    Funny to get canceled out for priesthood meeting. Hey, at least he's got his priorities right, eh?


  5. Oh my, Stacy, there is a lot going on at your house! I'd be drawing the line on the fox, too! Yikes!

    My youngest and I were just talking about the school dances and she mentioned that she always had more fun when she went with friends. It's hard sometimes, but Kayla with have fun, with or without her date!

  6. Oh yikes, nasty, nasty fox! Still, those pets do get into our hearts as well as our food, so I don't envy Dakota his choices.

    We were at the fair and looked at the photos, but there were way too many to search for names, since we had an impatient pair at our feet that wanted the stroller to keep moving. Hope you got a prize!

    So did Kayla's date at least offer her a back up plan for another evening? I hope so.