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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Grown-up Decisons

Yesterday, we went to Hocking College in Nelsonville, Ohio.  We checked out the Wildlife Officer program and even the Fidget looked at the Equestrian programs.
 The curriculum requirements and post college opportunities were excellent.
 Kayla already fell in love with the horses.  Kota was impressed with the buildings too.
 Then we went into the housing.  Can I give a huge YUCK!!!!  I've never lived in a dorm, but I've been in a few and this was terrible.  Even the brand new building were are torn up.  How can I leave my children live here?  We have friends that live about 40 minutes away.  They said Kota could stay there and commute if he chooses to go to school there.  Thank goodness.

After talking it over, we all like Ely, MN better.  Who would have thought that would happen?  We discussed a lot of tough topics, moving, tuition/room/board expenses, working and school, families while in college, mission, it was a heavy thought day.  Lots of grown-up decisions to make.  It is amazing to me how different this is for Dakota than it was for me.  He will be the third generation on my side to go to college.  He will be the first to do it right out of high school.  He will be the first to live on campus.  Even I don't know the answers to all of his pondering.   
So many grown-up things to think about with a 17 year-old brain.  I pray that he with use Heavenly Father in all of these decisions.  He is 6 weeks from being 18 years-old.  Technically an adult, but so far from.  Interesting the perspective I hold now.  I remember well things I said to my mother...oh how things have changed.  Good luck son, we will love you no matter what.  It is just as hard for me to watch you struggle with the weight as it is to carry it.
With God all things are possible....


  1. Yep, welcome to the "real" world Kota...and it's tough, but also wonderful because you have youth on your side. Only yourself to worry about. That's when it's best to make these steps count. It's not really difficult, just hard to say goodbye to childhood...hello adulthood. New beginnings, new life. But there's always time to try it out, change if need be...it's an adventure. For you and your parents. Good luck. You'll do great.

  2. Too bad that the closer school has icky housing. I am actually surprised that he is heading off to school before his mission. Is he going to complete his degree first, or just do one year?

  3. These are not easy choices to make, but it's good for him to have to go to that decision-making place, right?

    It's all part of the process.

    Cool that they have equestrian schools, by the way. I never knew that!