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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Pink Scarves

Kayla and I are joining Yaya at Whispering Pines, who joined 2 Bags full to make pink scarves.  We are very excited to get started.  We went yesterday and spent our 50% off coupons at Jo-Ann Fabrics and bought some pink yarn.

Kayla is decent at crocheting and I pull out my knitting loom and we are going to town.  Kayla is using this as her Divine Nature 10 hour personal project, and I'm just encouraging her my looping the loom along with her.  This project is an awesome idea and I'm just glad we can add a few scarves to the process.

I look forward to showing off the finished projects.


  1. Stacy-- I'm delighted that you and your daughter will contribute scarves to the project-- thank you from the bottom of my heart! Your gifts will truly be loved by someone who needs a reason to smile. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing this!!

  2. Stacy-- I tried to email you but could not find your email address on your blog--
    I forgot to say that you may certainly give your scarves to Kay-- but please do email me photos so that I can share them on my blog and link to your blog. I'll enter you in the contest to win the wrap when your scarves are completed! Thank you again--- bless you for doing this!

  3. Thanks so much Kayla and Stacy! I'm really excited that you're doing this and also get your names to Vicki so you can enter her contest. You will not believe how beautiful her items are and I'm sure that wrap will be awesome! Thanks again and I'm glad this will help Kayla in her personal progress goal.