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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Gratitude: Employment

I am truly thankful for Kyle working so hard for our family.  He supported me through college.  We have always needed to be a two family income.  We struggled when we both lost our jobs over 10 years ago.  We have literally pinched pennies to get our basic needs.  I'll never forget going to the grocery store with a roll of dimes just to get what we could to go with the things in the cupboards to make full meals.  I love him for always having a positive attitude.  Kyle always makes me look at the bright side.
 Dakota was a lifeguard for a little over a year.  He really did not like that job.  He said it is very boring sitting in a chair watching people swim.  Because of this and many other things I probably don't want to know, he lost his job in early October.  This was very stressful to me because of his accident our insurance almost tripled.  We were having to paid $1200 a quarter. Kota's job was basically paying for gas in his car and insurance.  We insurance shopped and are actually paying less than pre-accident and he has a job he really likes for now.  He is working for a local dairy farmer.  He loves this job.  He comes home very stinky, but he is happy.  Plus, he gets to spend a little of his money on himself and save a lot too.  Win-Win!

 Who can't love a job that allows you go to outdoor school once a year.  I know it's blurry, but I can't put student photos on my personal blog.  There are a lot of challenges being a teacher.  But, when I shake off the uncertainty of the background stuff, I really enjoy the kids.  I love teaching them things they don't know.  I love it when it is time to switch classes and they are complaining that it's time to leave ALREADY.  That means they were so engaged that didn't notice time slipping by.  I am grateful for my job.
This little one had a job interview Tuesday at Bob Evan's.  She has a second interview Thursday.  We didn't have her get a job right away because she was playing soccer.  Then she had play practice.  We told her she had to have a job by January, or we wouldn't fund her gas and insurance any longer.  Good Luck Fidget!


  1. I always worked when I was a teen. I loved getting that paycheck and taking care of my own needs without asking my parents...plus being in a family of 6 kids I understood the financial burden it placed on my parents. I was able to buy my own car...new...at 18 and traveled and payed for my own college. It a good thing to teach kiddos to work and help family. It can help them in the future to be good providers for themselves and one day a family of their own. Good job Mom and Dad!

  2. My kids always worked, too. I think it's a good thing.

    And everyone who has a job should be grateful these days, right? Especially if it's one he or she enjoys!


  3. What I felt as I read this is how blessed you feel with your amazing family. So cool that your son is working at a dairy - hard, hard work. I loved Outdoor School, too. Did you guys go really late, or are these pictures older?

  4. Employment is definitely high on my family's gratitude list right now. Did you go to work with Kota to get those pics? Good luck to Kayla with her job search.