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Monday, November 5, 2012

Senior Night (Afternoon)

 Kota traded football for soccer this year.  The differences experienced were many.  The boys team was small compared to football.  Only enough players to play the game, no subs, just 80 minutes of playing.  As boys decided they wanted to join the team the coach gladly took them.  We ended up with 3 new boys and 3 injured players, so the days with subs were few.
 Dakota got to score a goal at one game.  He got moved between defender and midfield.  He preferred midfield.
 I prefer watching boys soccer over girls.  They have a lot of speed and agility.  They were fun to watch.
From game one to game twenty, they learned the game.  Learned to be a team and support each other.  They more they played as a team, the better they did.  They lost most of their games, the final stats I'm unsure of.  But, they ended up friends.  I liked what I saw team wise much better with this small group of kids.  Of the 13 players 6 are seniors.  I'm not sure there will be a boys soccer team next year.  I hope the juniors will do what a few did with Dakota this year.  They recruited.

Reflecting on this experience, I wish Kota would have played soccer much sooner.  He learned a game quickly and did okay.  I think he could have been a great player if he had time and years to develop his skills.  It will be interesting to see what the grand kids will do someday.

I was proud of myself this day, no tears.  This is one of many things that are the last for this year.


  1. I remember those "last" games of the boys senior years. I love soccer and wished my boys had continued into high school. Congrats to Kota for trying something new...never too old for that! He can always play at college or even some adult leagues through out his life. I hope he continues to move forward to do and enjoy the variety of life!

  2. Oh, those senior moments! What's a mom to do? I sure had my share of tears as the last of those games, competitions, dances, musicals, and awards nights came to a close. Now we're going to college things, so it doesn't really ever end. Eventually, it'll be the grandkids, I hope!

  3. Soccer---->safer than football.

    And that makes me like it.


  4. congrats to your senior son!!!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.