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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Gratitude: His Side

 We had a house full for Thanksgiving.  15 of us.  Kyle's Brother Kory came to visit with his wife Jessica and four kids.  My kids were in cousin heaven.  It was nice hearing little ones in the house again.  You don't think you miss it, until they are around.

 Talon is surrounded by a lot of girl cousins in Minnesota.  There are a couple boys, but they are all under the 5 year old mark.  Not as much fun when you are 10.
 Funny when you are cooking the big meal, how you forget to take the pictures of the big meal.  Our turkey was great and all the trimmin's were good too.  Jessica made some mushrooms that are going to become a staple at our house.  Ymmm!  Kayla was the pie maker this year.  She made beautiful crusts just like she did a school.  She was proud of herself and should have been.
 My kids are usually the older ones around here.  So to have a teen cousin was fun for Kayla.  Her and Autumn always get along well.
The best part of this Thanksgiving was hiking in 60 degree weather at Mohican State Park.  We hiked back to Big Lyon Falls.  It was gorgeous.  I was surprised by all the foot traffic on the trails.  It will be a new tradition of us.  I felt so much better than if I laid around in my turkey coma.  Kim was a good sport and hiked down the huge hill of Pleasant Hill Dam.  It was good to run off some energy from the kids.  

I am grateful for big families.  It is fun to be included in Kyle's family.  I enjoyed the company, it felt good to have guests in the house.  I even enjoyed making all the food.  It was a nice treat and I really did feel happy about it.


  1. You have a wonderful big home to host everyone and I can see it was a great time. The weather was such a super gift. Going to Mohican sounds like a blast! I'm sure the food looked as good as it tasted and I think I'll just have to use my imagination! I think cousins are the best part of big families. I always enjoyed mine growing up.

  2. it sounds like a great time.
    Glad you had time to enjoy each other.

  3. I didn't get pics of the food, either. But we were definitely in cousin heaven!