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Thursday, April 17, 2014


It seems for the past ten years I have been dabbling in college of some sort or another.  Working from preschool teacher to administrator.  I have three degrees and six licenses now, guess you could say I am well rounded (I have the figure to prove it, ha!).

I have just a handful of assignments to finish my final license to be a principal.  I am excited, I feel on the cusp of change.  It seems like the next chapter in life is beginning to unfold its delicate blossoms.  I get to make decisions with Kyle to better our lives and fulfill some of the dreams we've concocted along the way.

Tonight I go to a job interview at a school district I have never taught in.  One where they only know me by paper.  I get to put on my best clothes and wow them with the knowledge I have gained in the trenches of the school district I grew up in.  I get to tell of my best ideas and how they have changed learning.  I get to tell of how I learned from mistakes made.  I get to sell what I know.

I hope it is good enough for I sure have done my part.  I have sacrificed time with family as I went to school.  I have worked tireless hours and learned many things about raising children.  But, most importantly I have learned to rely on my Heavenly Father to help with all of these things.  And the second most important thing I have learned is that my wonderful husband made a lot of sacrifices with and for me to be able to do this.

Wish me luck.  If not this one, then maybe another will come to pass.  But this is the year, I know it!


  1. You'll do great at the interview and if the job is yours..GREAT!...if not....onward and upward to the place the Lord has in mind for you. Congrats on finishing this last step up that ladder.

  2. I agree with YaYa....first of all, congratulations on such an accomplishment and second of all, the Lord will send you to the most perfect place.

  3. So excited for you, and I know you will interview well. The right spot will find you, and if this one's it, they are lucky!


  4. I hope that your interview went well. You are great at setting goals and then achieving them, and any school would be blessed to have you as a leader. :-)