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Tuesday, August 12, 2014


So many things change, seasons, time, weather...why not plans too?  This little lady had plans of going to dog training school in September.  She saved her housing cost all summer long from her graduation earnings.
We went to get a school loan for the tuition and she couldn't get a school loan because the school is not a traditional college.  The bank offered her a personal loan, but she doesn't hold a full time job or have credit, plus the interest rate is double that of a school loan.
She decided to go next September and get a full time job to save the money and skip the loan all together.  She has had three interviews in the past week and one more Thursday.  She would love to work in a vet office and interviewed at one in Wooster.  She has a second interview at Target.  Keep her in your prayers that it will all work out.


  1. There was a vet office hiring in Ashland. I saw the help wanted ad in the TG. Nothing better than a plan B! (The best things happen when the plan has to change!)

  2. Oh man! What a bummer!! I'm sure she took it in stride, though. She's cool like that. Good idea to save up and to not have to get a loan. I sure wish I would have thought a little more about doing that!

  3. smart girl! sometimes changes are for the best. I hope she gets the job at the vet!!