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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Ready, Set, Go!

Hair cut .... Check!
Copies made...check!
New shoes....check!
Lesson plans written.....check!
Room cleaned and organized...check!

This week I head back to school.  I get a fresh start, new students minds to fill with knowledge about ancient civilizations, reading novels, how to write, spelling and read.  To develop their young personalities and opportunities at peer interactions.  We will solve problems together and have a fun, safe learning atmosphere.  It is not the job I thought I would be doing this year.  I really thought I would land an administration position this summer.

I applied for and did not receive over 20 positions.  As the rejection letters came in all summer and the self esteem dropped I had hope in knowing I received all the training I could.  I did my part and Heavenly Father would do the rest.  I learned our wills were not in alignment this summer.

I learned that although prayer works and doing our part works, that sometimes what we really want is not what the Father wants.  I have an excellent resume, and was told so by many, what I did not understand was why?  Until I received a new calling at church toward the middle of July.  If I were to have what I wanted, a principal position, I would not have the time that I needed to do my new calling as a ward missionary.  I now understand the will of Heavenly Father and am happy to do his work first.

New calling...check.
Ready for a new school year as a teacher....check.
Get set to start Monday....check.
Here we Go!


  1. Sorry to hear about your disappointments this summer. I hate waiting. And not getting what I want. Enjoy your new school year and your new calling. Love you, girlie!

  2. Good luck this year and don't worry about those letters...just burn them and enjoy the heat! You're a wonderful teacher and those lucky kiddos will be blessed.