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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A Day in My Life

So what is it like in my classroom?  Right now it is bright, shiny and new.
New supplies in the red cad days to cover those who aren't prepared for class saves a lot of my time and frustration.

Students can check out books from my personal library of books.  I get some from my own children through the years, garage sale finds and my own personal money.

The State of Ohio requires that we post our lesson objects daily/weekly which ever is being worked on.

I have a few classroom computers that we utilize daily trying to build 21st century learning skills.

Do you notice my wise old owl theme.  I just love my earthy, natural feel.

I even get gifts from my students, beautiful art work to decorate the room.  Today I had a student bring me a candle he made while camping over the weekend.  I love the homemade things, just like when my own kids brought me home their artwork and trinkets they made.
The best part of teaching is the relationship building.  I love learning about my students and their little quirks.  I usually take on the more challenging cases and work hard to establish a safe and comfortable place for them to be.  This is a small ministry that I enjoy providing.  I sure do enjoy the moments that we can just be real with each other.  When all of this is established then learning can take place, the data can move in the right direction and memories are made.
Most days I love my job, the student part, on the days where politics or drama is the loudest I forget about loving it, but in the quiet moments before they come I'm always anticipating a good day.
So that my friends is a day in my life.


  1. The classroom looks fresh and ready...good job! Love the owls too! Have a good school year. Those kiddos are lucky to have you for a teacher. I wish my kids had had more teachers like you...is "had had" even correct grammar??

  2. Looks like a warm, colorful, creative room. Reading your post was much like talking to my sister, also a teacher. Sounds like you two are very similar in your approach, which makes both of you the kind of teachers all kids should have!