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Sunday, November 9, 2014

It is all a matter of perspective

Sometimes in life I find myself distracted.  Lost in work, drowning in the regulations set by people who have know idea what it is like to be in a room with 28 twelve year olds.  Treading water to make a curriculum accessible to every type of learner.  Listening to the loudest critics tell you that after six years of education you don't know how to teach their children, why did my son or daughter get in trouble....what you don't teach cursive?  
It has consumed me...chewed me up, crushed my light, and spit me out.
After donating 12-14 hours daily to my profession, I'm changing my perspective.
I am a mother.  I am a wife.  I am a daughter of God.  I am most happy when this is my perspective FIRST!  I am a teacher, and I work hard, and will not stop, but I am not longer going to let it crush my light, I will do my best to ignore my loudest critics, but this is not what defines who I am.  


  1. Sounds like a good perspective to take. And you are a great teacher! I do think kids should learn cursive though, so that when they grow up they can read old records to do their genealogy. :)

  2. Wish I had time, instead I'm teaching them computer skills, something I did not need to learn at their age

  3. Hard to find that balance isn' it? In my line of work I had to make some changes years ago that helped me get my family first before work. I know it's hard and stressful to be a working Mom. There are times I look back and wonder how I did it. You are a good teacher and that will shine through...even through all the pages of the legal and state crap they make you go through!