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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Missing Out on the Land of Lakes

Kyle and Kayla flew to Minnesota today to visit with family and enjoy a 25 th wedding anniversary of his sister Kelly.  This will be the first time in 12 years that all eight of the Crawford kids will be all together at the same time.
I'm sad to not go, but there is no vacation time in October for me.  Besides I'm off to outdoor school in a few days.

Don't know if you can make out kyle and Kayla in there, but they are there waiting to check in.  In the mean time Kota and I enjoyed some 5 Guys burgers and fries and we did a little boy clothes shopping.  The kid needed a pair of jeans without dirt stains.  He found a new flannel shirt too, so I wasn't going to deny him that.
Life is changing for us, we seem to be all functioning in different realms.  Often I find myself missing the little kids I once had.  Problems are simpler then, usually a kiss could take away the troubles and the worry.  Now it is a lot of patience and prayer that seem to get us through.  It seems we find our knees a lot more in this stage of life.  Where we are once again at the brink of lots of decisions about the future.  Ours as a couple and the life of our children.  Our prayer is that Heavenly Father will help them make their decisions and help them find the path that is right for them...oh to watch them grow is awesome!

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  1. I hope they're having a good time! It's important to gather all the sibs together once in a while....Enjoy some alone time with your son! (See you Friday!)