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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Christmas Begins

How do you celebrate Christmas?  We have developed the habit of getting a real tree.  We really enjoyed getting them from Grandma's house.  But, the past two years we got our tree from TSC in town. My camera broke this summer and I have been taking a few grainy pictures with my ipad to make an occasional post, but Kyle bought me a early present and got me a Black Friday special on a cannon rebel.
 So, now I can get back to some quality pictures.  Someone snuck a picture of me too.
 I placed things, and then moved them, and maybe moved them once more.  It seemed to take a bit longer this year to get everything placed.
 These crazy pups keep eating the branches and we woke up to a chewed up bird ornament...it was one of Kayla's.  Ha!
 The stockings were hung by the chimney with care....

 So reindeer can come visit...we invited them to decorate the tree with us, but we just bought it that night and the branches were tied up and really didn't relax enough to decorate.
So instead we dipped chocolates...buckeyes of course and a few dipped nutter butters.  Christmas has settled on our hearts this year and it feels great!


  1. the pups are sooo big! I love the beginning of your Christmas. Just what I like, everyone there all nestled in with the getting of the tree and the decorations and family time starting.

  2. Beautiful tree! Enjoy your early present!

  3. Congrats on that new camera! I know you'll make great use of it and now I expect super shots on every post! Ha! Your tree is lovely and I'm sure the missionaries had fun with the family. Merry Christmas!

  4. Looks like fun at your house! And the tree is gorgeous.

    Merry Christmas!