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Friday, December 12, 2014

Owl be Home for Christmas

We had a door decorating contest at school.  Our door won second place.  The kids got a 5 pound Hershey bar to share, they were so excited.  We had to use some recycled materials, so we used toilet paper tubes, grocery bags and left over paper from extra copies we made.  They colored the backs of the copy paper to make their owls and the eyes for the owls.  It was a fun way to spend the afternoon with them before Thanksgiving break.

Another criteria was the kids needed to do most of the door.  I put up the wrapping paper back ground and made the tree, they did the rest, including the lettering. I will have to say that I am proud of them.

Owl, be home for Christmas and so will my babies, for one more year. Mission papers go back in on January First.  phew,  it has been a long and sometimes painful year.  I'm glad we have got this far.  We have offered up many prayers and have many more to go.


  1. I love owls, so this door really works for me!


  2. Congrats to your class! "Owl" look forward to wishing Kota a fond farewell...We know he'll do great things.

  3. That is so simple but looks stunning, amazing what you can do with things you normally throw away