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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Better Late then Never

We did a lot of different things this year for Christmas.  As part of my calling at church I  have been working on having fun activities for the Young Single Adults (YSA).  This year we made plates of goodies and put them into a homemade sweater stocking that Kayla and I made.
 We attached a saying about you've been "socked."  We had a good time, so good in fact that the missionaries ended up delivering all the stockings in their travels!
 Christmas is the year mark of having the puppies.  Oh how they've grown.  The kids love them very much and they are a messy part of our family.  I don't miss having hair-free floors and couches...
 What does Santa bring young adults,..well we started getting home things for Kayla and she loved them, special cups (milk jars) and blue pots and pans and she even asked for a cookie jar.
 We loaded Kota up with mission supplies, again.  We we went through his packed bags we discovered his neck size grew like the grinch's heart.  He needs all new white shirts.  Oh well, if that is what it takes to get him back there.  His mission papers were resubmitted on 1/1/15.  We look forward to seeing the progress and if he is returning to the same mission or going on to a new one.
 Speaking of missions, the missionaries came to call home to their parents.  Christmas is one of two times in the year they get to call home.  All four of them took turns using our computer and ipad to skype or facetime home.
 We got the kids each a puzzle for the afternoon, so we worked on them for hours in the afternoon.  Kota's was 300 pieces and went together much faster than Kayla's 500 piece.
Kayla's puzzle was missing 4 pieces, Ugh!  Nothing worse than an unfinished puzzle.

I don't have any pictures of New Year's, but we had fun visiting Grandma Beninghof and mom.  Kayla spent the afternoon doing another puzzle with Aunt Terri and we enjoyed talking about everything with Grandma.

This break Kyle took some of his vacation time and ended up spending several days with just me because the kids were working.  It was kinda fun.  We wend shopping and I got a beautiful wreath that was regular $70 for $10 in the clearance sale.  It is more of a winter wreath instead of Christmas so it will get to stay up for a few months.  I need to learn how to make a burlap one for spring.  I also need to learn how to use my camera.  I've watched several youtube videos and I think I actually got worse, see the blurry pics above.  I've put it back on auto and now they are better again, but on auto I don't get to do what I want...guess I'm going to have to take a real class.


  1. Wow, just love your ideas, you are truely blessed with a gift for helping others

  2. Busy, but fun times. Hard to believe the holidays are over. I know you'll figure out your camera and have winning pics for the fair! Happy New Year to you and your family!

  3. I can't believe it has been a year already, and that Kota's papers are in. Yay! I love my dog, but I do miss the fur-free furniture. And floors. And blankies. :)
    My camera is my favorite toy, and I've taken lots of nice pictures with it, but I too need a real class. I leave mine on auto almost all of the time. Manual focus is just too slow if anything is moving in the frame. My secret is that I take 100 shots and then just delete the ones that I don't like, ending up with 10 or so! I use the sports setting a lot too when I take pictures of my kids. My favorite setting though is the A-DEP mode. This allows you to use your best lens and set it to it's lowest f-stop setting. Then you get the pictures with the crisp focus on your subject and the soft blur in the background. Play, play, play. You'll figure it out and be a pro soon. :)

  4. It's always good to spend time helping others and having fun! Are the goodies in the first picture cookies? They just look awesome!