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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Smart New Year

We heard a talk recently about setting goals.  SMART goals to be exact.  I have been fairly successful about setting goals and have accomplished many.  My favorite was to be More like Him, the Saviour. I realize I will not ever be perfect like Christ, but I can work on developing Christ like attributes.

My goal this year is to recognize the attributes in myself and work on the weakness that creep up during the year.  So, the attributes I'll be looking for is faith, hope , charity, love, virtue, knowledge, patience, humility, diligence, and obedience.  Some of these I am already good at so I hope to maintain and grow those, others I really struggle with.

To have a Smart goal:
Specific:  I will work on patients and humility when I am in tough situations at home and work
measureable: I will report honestly my successes and failires (boo) as they occur
Attainable: because I am not expecting perfection and know this is a work in progress I can attain it.
Relevant: this will help me keep covenants I have made
Timely:  I will report out monthly in my blog
Another goal I have for my self is to be more healthy.  It is the 40 year, so as a friend of mine said
before (and I'm changing the number) 40 by 40.  Okay, so realistically I won't lose 40 by July, but I do want to lose.  Kyle and I are working together.  We have pledged not to get angry at each other when we point out unhealthy eating habits.  We got a gym membership and have already attended twice ( much to my squeaky joints dismay) and we are being realistic and allowing one day a week to eat whatever.  The goal is to live long and see great- great grandkids.

In reflection of the last year of more like Him I learned ALOT about patience, humility, love and diligence.  Spiritually, I had to learn about forgiveness for mistakes that weren't mine, but affected me greatly both emotionally and financially.  In that trial I had to be patient.  My reactions and ability to bite my tongue more than I wanted to improved.  I learned that diligence in prayer, fasting, obeying council from priesthood leaders, and truly uniting in our purpose as a couple can bring forth miracles.
I love this goal, because as I reflect I realize a lot of blessings throughout the year, which in return gives me faith and hope.  It truly is the best goal for me.

2015 is going to bring blessings with a return to the mission field, a daughter getting to go to dog trainer school, my landing an administration position (if it's God's will), and so many things I couldn't possibly know at this time.  I'm excited to start.  Wowho!!!


  1. Congratulations on your healthy lifestyle change. Keep it up. The results are cumulative. It may take a while to get into a routine, but you will be so happy you did. Wishing you many blessing for the new year.

  2. The health part is so important. I've gained and lost enough weight in the past to have created 10 kids! I'm also on the new path of health. Getting my knees done was a big wake up call. I know if I had kept my weight in healthier alignment, my knees would have been healthier too! It's never too late and you could lose 40 by July...but the important part isn't the numbers, it's the continuing and not giving up. Slow and steady wins the race! Good luck to you and I admire all the goals you've set for this year. I'm hoping this is a good one on our end too!