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Monday, January 12, 2015

Snow Day Stuff

Snow days are a bittersweet kind of a thing.  Sweet to be home and doing other things.  Bitter when you get three in a row just after winter break.  So I have been trying to utilize my time.  I got my social studies plans done through March.  I got my grade cards done.  So I turned my focus onto a couple things I have been wanting to to do at home.

I cleaned out my freezers.  I organized them and I made up a few meals using the produce we have been collecting.
 I made a couple bags of Butternut Squash curry.  Recipe here.
 I made a pumpkin bundt cake, I even pureed my own pumpkin.

I think I chopped every vegetable I had in the crisper and froze it to make meal prep easier later.  I worked for hours.  I didn't get many meals made ahead, but I got a lot partially prepped so that we can make quick meals and REALLY try to eat out less when things are busy.  I'm excited to try them.  I worked really hard to meal plan meals that I can actually make during the work week.  So far so good, 
 Dakota got his passport in the mail today.  I wonder if he will have to use it?  I hope he gets to return to the original mission he was called to, but we will just be happy that he is out serving.  I am so excited to see the next mission call.
 Kota was playing with the puppies outside.  They like to chase snowballs.  It was fun to watch.
 I was practicing with my camera this weekend during the blue skies and got so pretty good shots.
Can't really complain here, I have got a lot done over those three school days.  The best part is spending quality time with my kids before work for Kayla.  Dakota gets snow days too, because his boss stays home with his boys on snow days, so a lot of fun time with the Mooseman before he takes off for two years.  What more could I ask for on these bittersweet days!

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  1. You didn't waste a single day...congrats on getting so much done! Those are some of the things I hope to accomplish when I can manuver better! Thanks again for the lovely flowers....brought a bit of Spring to the Pines!