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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Smart January

I am very excited about my goals this month.  I have gone to work out each week no less than 3 days.  Woohoo!  I can't say that I have lost many pounds, but my boss noticed inches!  This is a step in the right directions, now if we could just get the weather to stop being wintery so that we can have school more, then I could up my attendance at the gym. :)  I supposed Kyle could come home to get me then drive me back to Ashland, but who wants to spend the gas even though its cheaper?  My favorite of the month is Kayla...I had on her chore list for two weeks to organize the bins of her stuff by the front door, because I noticed they were full and she is leaving her stuff lay around the front room.  I waited (patiently) for two weeks for her to comply.  Then Saturday, I brought a bin to the table next to her and said, what can I throw away.  Then proceeded to get out another bin and she got the not so subtle hint.  She says, "you need to quit exercising because you have too much energy!"  Ha!
My more like Him goals are going okay too.  Patience is always going to be tricky, but hey, I have learned to temper my tongue a lot more at home than I used too.  I am the ward missionary too, so I have just this week made up my mind to make 2 contacts a day.  Or 7 letters and 7 phone calls, all of which I might do in 1-3 days, but its a start.  I don't always leave church with an assignment so I thought I will start here as well as continue my work with the YSA and call it good enough. 

This guy turned 20 last Thursday.  He woke up with the flu and didn't really recover until Monday.  The cake I make last Wednesday did not taste as good on Sunday, as it would have on Thursday.  I held his birthday meal of hamloaf and mashed potatoes until Sunday.  It just was a big bust.  His birthday present still hasn't arrive, so I showed him a picture of what I ordered.  I can't wait to get a picture, so it will have to be a surprise until then. 

We are still waiting on the mission call.  We have zero feedback as to whether the papers actually got submitted, if he has an open mission account, all we heard from the stake leaders is we are actively working on it...whatever that means.  Waiting is so hard...


  1. What a drag to wake up with the flu on his birthday! Hope he gets his call soon.

    That's great that you are doing so well with your exercising. I'm coming along with starts and stops, but I think I've got myself squared away and committed now. Hope so!


  2. Congrats on the exercise plan. I'm hoping to be on a walking plan when the weather gets better..spring? I did walk up my road yesterday just to see how I felt...it was awesome! Happy Birthday to Kota and I hope that call comes quickly!