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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Brr, Winter Promenade

It has been cold here in Ohio.  True winter has been in our midst since early January.  I has snowed every week.

  Yesterday is snowed so much that we were grounded here.  It was drifting and blowing from about 11 am until 5:30 pm.  The missionaries were here doing our weekly meeting, (oh yeah) Kyle was called as ward mission leader a couple of weeks ago.  So the missionaries come from breakfast on Saturdays and then we hear their reports and plan what we are going to do for the week.

Dakota got his birthday presents!  He has most of a full Scottish kilt outfit.  He need just a few more things to get back to his roots.

I think it is awesome that he loves his heritage so much that he wants to have the official dress of his clan.  I think he looks great.  His mission papers are really in now, so we are hoping to hear where in the world he will be going this time.  I hope he returns to the same mission, but only time will tell.  It is exciting getting back into the mission thing.  He is ready to go.  We are still going to the temple every other weekend to help keep him focused and we are praying mightily that all goes well.  (Feel free to add your prayers to ours!)
On Kyle's birthday we went to a barn dance in Danville.  It was so much fun.  The kids danced for hours.  Promenade, do-si-do, and the Virginia Reel, were but a few dance moves they made.
 Both Kyle and I were fighting an upper respiratory infection and opted not to share our germs with everyone and watched.

Today, Kyle and I got out of the house and took a drive in the countryside.  It was nice to get out of the house today.  Church services were cancelled due to the poor weather and below zero temperatures.  So it was great to get some sunshine today and enjoy the beauty of the fresh fallen snow.

This winter is a lot like the winters from my childhood.  I remember the snow and sledding and ice skating behind Grandpa Steigerwalt's house on the creek.  I was reminded of sledding down the hill on a scoop shovel from the barn, when our sleds were out of commission.  I also remember Grandpa dragging the little ones who couldn't yet skate on that same scoop shovel on the ice.  We thought grandpa was the best ice skater ever because he could do a figure 8.  I really enjoyed those evenings bundling up and spending time on the ice and snow with my grandpa.  Life was so simple back then.


  1. Crazy weather! So dang cold! Stay safe and warm and we're keeping Kota in our prayers. We wanted to go to the dance but I was the kill joy with my bad back. Looked like a blast! I love Dakota's outfit....that is amazing! Now he just needs to learn how to use bagpipes!

  2. It will interesting to see if Dakota gets his new call before all of the snow ends. He's in our prayers.

  3. We will definitely add our prayers to yours. And I'm loving the kilt!