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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Braved the Weather

Today, we decided not to stay grounded and to head to Michigan.  We braved the weather and headed for our favorite winter destination...

 ...our brave driver weaved through the slow driving traffic and got us all there safe and sound...to where else, but CABELA's!!!!
Dundee, Michigan had a few Moose sightings today.  (Hehe!!!)

One of Kota's (the Moose Man) wishes was to go to Cabela's before he left on his mission.  With the papers being officially submitted we decided to comply with his wish.  On the way we stopped in Toledo and fed one our favorite missionaries, Elder Jenkins and his companion.  (Oops, no pictures of the cute little café that we visited, but it was delicious.)
We stopped at all of our favorite joints, Russell Stover outlet and got some blooper chocolates (perfect for the fitness), Yep no calories in the ones from Michigan.  What you didn't know that?
Then we stopped at the beef jerky outlet to get some protein to off set the sugar.  MMM, they had cheese curds too!
Then you can't drive by Perrysburg, Ohio without stopping at the Bass Pro Shops.  All of our favorite one tank trips in one day.  Phew!

"Hey, man, you gotta stop these squirrels!"  Inside family joke from the movie, "Just Go With It."  These squirrels were on the go today (no stoppin' us)  and it was fun.

With all the wildlife on display it didn't feel like a wintery dreary day.  Who knew we'd get to see blue sky and sunshine, just because we traveled 2 hours away from home; north even.

I'm thinking about entering this picture of the tractor in the county fair for the winter category.  Not sure it is my favorite yet, but I do like it, what do you think?

Sometimes it is worth braving the elements to enjoy the day!  I'm sure there is a lesson in that statement somewhere!


  1. I love your tractor.....I would definitely vote for it.

  2. Go for the tractor shot! You guys were brave....I wouldn't even go to Mansfield on Sat. Oh well, you got a nice prize for your bravery...a fun family outing!