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Monday, April 6, 2015

My Heart Is Full

We are receiving our weekly letters from Dakota.  He sounds so happy and is enjoying the work.  I find it interesting that his first companion is a young man that is accepted and going to Harvard.  In our little village it is not an everyday occurrence to talk to Ivy League people.  I am sure that his world is really opening up for him.  He seems to be teaching a lot.

We got to experience General Conference this weekend.  I really enjoyed the messages.  They are really talking to our young people about not being afraid to get married.  It is interesting how that effects our young single adults.  It is interesting to see them really listening and thinking about how to follow the counsel of our leaders.  We were married young, I was 18 soon to be 19, and we did it.  I have no worries about my children marrying young, but I do want them to marry the right person for
them.  I hope they are prayerful and use their knowledge of Heavenly Father in their decision
making.  I am sure they will.

Kota got to attend a session of conference in Utah and experience things first hand, check out his post for pictures.  I am still working on my goals for myself.  We have been pretty consistent in our exercise, but I'm not noticing a lot of pound dropping.  So I am going to have to up the ante, I notice an increase in energy and that has been wonderful.

We are working on being missionaries in our area as that is our calling at church.  It has been so fun working with the Elders here, we have learned so much from them, I hope they learn a lot from us.  Kyle is so goofy I know at the very least they get to laugh while here.  We recently had a special to my heart baptism.  I think that when we allow Heavenly Father to work in our lives with out the earthly restrictions that we place on him, he can bring to past many miracles.

My heart is full, life is good.

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  1. Glad Kota is doing well..he will get to experience so many good things. I wish every kiddo here would go and see and experience those things too..especially the part that says we're a world wide church and many wards have hundreds of members..not a small ward like ours. I missed some of conference and will have to go back and listen to it. I did enjoy the ones I heard.