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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Memory Lane: Ashland Middle School

The school district I work in, is the same one I grew up in.  Although I no longer live in the borders of Ashland City School District, I find myself with many fond memories of growing up here.
 McDowell Auditorium, is old school, with an orchestra pit under that stage there.  It also has a balcony.
 I don't remember the capacity it holds, but it is hundreds.  I performed many a choir concert from this stage.  My favorites were the May Fiestas that we had for our final performance during High School Choir. 
 I really enjoyed my choir singing days.  It was fun walking through the building yesterday and remembering what it felt like to be a young middle school or we called it Ashland Junior High then, in the late 1980s when I attended.  1987-1989, I played volleyball, was a basketball stat, choir and many academic classes in the humungous building.
 As I traveled the halls reminiscing about the classes I took and some of the teachers I had, I bumped into the principals office.  I never was one to go to the principal for being in trouble.  I was an honor roll student at this time.
 We would file through the halls between classes.  Hordes of student would use these stairs to encounter the three story building.  Massive halls to house all the 500-600 students per year. 
 We had a giant cafeteria, which looks so big with out the tables being down, or the kids all talking and eating in there.

Gym class with Mr. McFadden and Ms. Stauffer was so much fun.  One of my highlights everyday.

 Many a volleyball and basketball games were had in here.  But, some of my favorite memories were of school dances.  We had one a month.  I don't know how the adults could stand it, but we loved going to those dances.  Each one a different theme, I seem to have the Clash Dance standing out in front for memories.  Oh, and who could forget the 8th grade farewell dance.
 I bumped into these two cuties while during.  I wasn't much for getting dressed up for the photo booth, but they didn't mind posing for me.
 In the basement of this building was the choir and band room.  Here is a piece of music we did with Mr. Harris.  I sure did love that class.
 I even got to be a member of the "swing choir" with him.  I never could land that spot when I got into high school.  I sure did try though.
 Also, housed in the basement was, "the hole"!  You got sent there if you were in trouble.  I still don't know what that room looks like.  I don't think they use the room that way today.
 As I was touring the building and snapping this shot out the window and elderly gentleman stopped to talk with me.  And it was the best part of my whole tour...
 He asked if I parked my bike out here when I went to school.  I replied, "No, I was a farm kid, so I rode the bus."  He said, he parked is bike out there everyday in the 1950s.  That he went up those steps and through the door to get to school.  When I went to school, no one was allowed in there, because their were too many fights and smoking, that they locked the students out of that area.  He went on to tell me about some of his memories and we both found out that we attended Montgomery Elementary, but he had to move to town when his mom got remarried, hence having to ride his bike.  His Grandfather was one of the people instrumental in building Montgomery.  Such interesting memories from him.
 My last adventure, was to go down in to the dungeon gym in the basement.  It was a bit dank down there.  That is where the girls' locker room was.  The worst part about going to the middle school was the showers.
 They lined us up like a herd of cattle and pushed us through this little area, with spraying nozzles on each side, and we paraded through in our birthday suits to rinse off the sweat.  Oh the embarrassment of it all.  But, we survived!

I have a lot of fond memories of Ashland Middle School.  I hope that this new school will bring the same joy to those getting to go through that as we had for the years we attended "the old school."

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  1. My memories of AMS circle around my kiddos..since I was a big city chick! I remember the open houses and going to their classes and barely making it up and down the stairs! Your pics make it look bright and cheery...I remember it being dark and dreary! Many a basketball game for Craig and Jack on that stage. My fav memory is Jackie's Christmas Choir concert and the bats flying through the singers on stage as they were singing silent night...classic! I think big Jack's Dad went to high school there...and was a cheerleader! Many memories but with the new school I'm sure many more memories will be made and recorded for the first class that gets to break it in!