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Monday, May 4, 2015

A Little Italiano

We took a little date on Saturday, chaperoned by my mom I suppose.  I got Kyle 12 dates for Christmas.  We haven't gone on any of them.  I told him if we didn't go on one of January-April dates I wasn't going to let him open any more.  So he chose the April date.  That was a one-tank trip that Neil Zurcher does.  Anyhow, we went to Little Italy in Cleveland.  It was SO much fun!!!
First, we started at...
It was an authentic Italian Market.  It has been in the family business for over 100 years.  They had fresh pasta, homemade sauces and baked goods.  I tried my first ever cannoli.  Oh my goodness!  Soo good.
I will drive all the way to Cleveland, just to eat another one of these guys..MMMMM!
Next, we headed to Lakeview Cemetery.  It was one of the most interesting cemetery visits I've ever made.  First, we visited James A. Garfield's memorial.
 It was gigantic.  I've never seen anything like this before.
 He is one of the only president who lays in state, instead of being buried.

 The rotunda was gorgeous.  This is the view looking down.  Then we walked around the balcony taking pictures of the murals.

 We went up a few more flights of stairs and we got the skyline view of Cleveland.

 The art work was very well done.  It was an interesting visit.
The cemetery was in full bloom.  The magnolia trees, we gorgeous and were hard not to photograph them everywhere.

 J.D. Rockefeller is buried here too.

 I loved the flowers around these headstones.

We bump into Crawford's everywhere, so I need to do a bit of research on this family.

Mom really enjoyed the history of this place.  I learned that my mom enjoys history, just about as much as I do.  Who knew..
 This guy was the only baseball player to lose his life playing baseball.  He was hit by a ball and died during as game.  He played for the Cleveland Indians.
 Eliot Ness brought down Al Capone, interesting story.
 Wade chapel was one of my favorites.  The interior was done by Tiffany.  The mosaics were absolutely stunning.  The left side portrays the Old Testament, or Jewish side of the story of Christ's coming.
 The right side portrays the New Testament or coming of Christ.  The main stained glass window was the resurrection of Christ.
 The building was amazing and has so many details and stories that you should see it for yourself sometime.
The last touristy sight was the dam in the middle of the cemetery.  There were scenes from the movie Captain America.
 We finally made it to Little Italy.  We ate lunch at this bakery.  It had a New York style deli in it.  Serving all things Italian.  It was good.  We enjoyed a lunch out on the patio.  It really was full of restaurants and not many shops, so it was a quick stop.
 Mom has been asking me a long time to go to the 25th Street market.  Honestly, it was not for me, TOO crowded.  It was not worth fighting the crowds to get fruits and veggies.  I was not impressed.  If you like being in hordes of people to get your groceries you might like to try it.  For me, it was a stressful and overwhelming experience that I do not wish to ever recreate.
We ended the day, overall happy with the experience.  My favorite part of my day was the cemetery visit.  We drove by Progressive Field on the way out.  I think that I would do some parts of this trip again.  Plus, I have to have another cannoli!


  1. Good idea for a gift! I love cemeteries....always so interesting. As much as I love sweets cannoli is not my favorite....but the pic looks yummy! I laughed when I read you were overwhelmed at the market....not like the corn crib store by your house! I often feel bad about not exploring my own backyard more...many good things to do! Kyle might jump on the rest of his choices now!

  2. Sounds like a great trip. I hate crowded markets, so I'll just stay local for my groceries. Thanks for the warning. The last time I ate a cannoli was in 1983. I still remember it being very good, so I suppose it's time to update that experience. :)

  3. It was a really fun day! I loved chaperoning your date with Kyle! LOL!! My favorite part was the cemetery too. Yes, I do love history! I love anything to do with history and try to capture something about it from every trip I take. It eas so much fun visiting history sites with my Dad and my brother out west! This day was fun and I look forward to more days like this. Thank you, for the memories.

  4. Looks like a great day. My hubby and I could use a few more dates these days. Seems like all we do is babysit!


  5. Beautiful photos! Thank you so much for sharing this lovely tour. :)