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Sunday, May 17, 2015

So Much in a Little Time

I have to say that things have been like a whirlwind around here.  The best part was our sweet phone call with our cute missionary.
We got to talk to him last Sunday.  He called us about 9 pm and we got to talk for about 50 minutes.  It went so fast, and his companion was knocking on the door for him to hang up at the end, but it went well.  I think I miss him more now then before I talked to him.
He was most excited about the people they are getting to teach in his area.  He loves them.  He was glad to hear we are all doing well.  He talked a lot about the blisters he had.  He sent pictures of what they look liked while they are healing.  I won't gross you out with the pictures, but he did not tell us how bad they were.  Poor thing. 
My partner at school got very sick.  Stress got the best of her heart and she was out a week.  We did her lesson plans and graded her papers to keep her from having too much work when she got back.  We worked hard for her so that she would not have stress of what to do when she came back.  Teaching is a lot of pressure now a days with all the state testing accountability.  Now, there is nothing wrong with being accountable, but a lot rides on a 2 hour test, that a student takes to reflect what has been taught for a whole year.  Not too many jobs are like that out there.  Teachers work many hours outside the school day.  Summers are filled with lesson planning and meetings.  It sounds good that we have the summer off, but in all reality we work 10-14 hour days all school year.  That is not seen by the public.  We get yelled at often by parents who think we should have done things differently.  I once had a parent tell me, that I should have typed my assignment differently.  I had another call a meeting because their child's A wasn't high enough.  The pressure is incredible.
We had Open House this past week at Osborn for people to come and tour the building before it gets closed down.  I did not get to take pictures because I was making ice cream cones for everyone who came to visit.  It is a bittersweet time.  Two more weeks with students.


  1. You are a great teacher, Stacy! You will have great memories of Osborn along with some good memories of Montgomery

  2. Those phone visits are sweet, but they leave both sides a little more homesick for each other. I think that's why they are limited to twice a year.

    Thank you for all you do as a teacher. You are a great strength to the children, and I'm sure to all of your teaching friends as well. This time of year is very crazy for teachers. One more week, then you get a little break from all the work to just chill out and... prepare for next year!

  3. All I'm saying is that last week I had a meltdown thinking about Grady leaving for his mission in 15 years, so I can only imagine how much you miss Dakota, but at the same time, you're so glad he's there. It seems very bittersweet.

    As far as teachers, I would say that is one of the most difficult jobs in the country! I remember how stressed out my mom always was her job back then, and I know there is even more pressure than ever now a days! It takes a special person to do what you do, for sure!!